jsDocs.io is an open source documentation host for Javascript and Typescript packages published on npm.

jsDocs.io was created by Edoardo Scibona and is inspired by other documentation hosts such as GoDoc and Docs.rs.


jsDocs.io is written in Typescript and consists of three main parts:

The source code for this website is available on GitHub.


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Adding a Package

To add a package to jsDocs.io, you can:

  • Search the package by name
  • Use one of the bookmarklets below when browsing packages on npm
  • Directly visit the package's documentation page at jsdocs.io/package/<name>

If the package isn't already indexed, it will be downloaded from npm, analyzed and its documentation will be displayed.

Documenting a Package

If you are a package author and want to improve your package's documentation as displayed on jsDocs.io, please follow the package documentation guide.

Removing a Package

If you do not want your package's documentation to be displayed on jsDocs.io, please contact us at scibona.edoardo@proton.me.


You can find the Markdown code for a badge like this onejsDocs.io badgeat the bottom of your package's documentation page.


The bookmarklets below redirect you from a package's page on npm to the corresponding page on jsDocs.io when clicked.

To install a bookmarklet, simply drag and drop it to your browser's bookmarks bar.


To report bugs, leave suggestions, or ask questions, please open an issue.

You can also reach us on Twitter at @jsDocs or by email at scibona.edoardo@proton.me.

Privacy Policy

To learn more about the data collected by jsDocs.io, you can visit our privacy policy page.