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npm i @adonisjs/bodyparser
yarn add @adonisjs/bodyparser
pnpm add @adonisjs/bodyparser


AdonisJs body parser to read and parse HTTP request bodies



namespace @ioc:Adonis/Core/BodyParser

module '@ioc:Adonis/Core/BodyParser' {}

    variable BodyParserMiddleware

    const BodyParserMiddleware: BodyParserMiddlewareContract;

      interface BodyParserMiddlewareContract

      interface BodyParserMiddlewareContract {}
      • Shape of the bodyparser middleware class constructor

      construct signature

      new (config: BodyParserConfig): {
      handle(ctx: HttpContextContract, next: () => void): any;

        interface MultipartContract

        interface MultipartContract {}
        • Multipart class contract, since it is exposed on the request object, we need the interface to extend typings.

        property state

        state: 'idle' | 'processing' | 'error' | 'success';

          method abort

          abort: (error: any) => void;

            method onFile

            onFile: (
            name: string,
            options: Partial<FileValidationOptions & { deferValidations: boolean }>,
            callback: PartHandler
            ) => this;

              method process

              process: (
              config?: Partial<{ limit: string | number; maxFields: number }>
              ) => Promise<void>;

                interface MultipartFileContract

                interface MultipartFileContract {}
                • Multipart file interface

                property allowedExtensions

                allowedExtensions?: string[];

                  property clientName

                  clientName: string;

                    property errors

                    errors: FileUploadError[];

                      property extname

                      extname?: string;

                        property fieldName

                        fieldName: string;

                          property fileName

                          fileName?: string;

                            property filePath

                            filePath?: string;

                              property hasErrors

                              hasErrors: boolean;

                                property headers

                                headers: {
                                [key: string]: string;

                                  property isMultipartFile

                                  isMultipartFile: true;

                                    property isValid

                                    isValid: boolean;

                                      property meta

                                      meta: any;

                                        property size

                                        size: number;

                                          property sizeLimit

                                          sizeLimit?: number | string;

                                            property state

                                            state: 'idle' | 'streaming' | 'consumed' | 'moved';

                                              property subtype

                                              subtype?: string;

                                                property tmpPath

                                                tmpPath?: string;

                                                  property type

                                                  type?: string;

                                                    property validated

                                                    validated: boolean;

                                                      method markAsMoved

                                                      markAsMoved: (fileName: string, filePath: string) => void;
                                                      • Mark file as moved

                                                      method move

                                                      move: (
                                                      location: string,
                                                      options?: { name?: string; overwrite?: boolean }
                                                      ) => Promise<void>;
                                                      • Move file from temporary path to a different location. Self consumed streams cannot be moved unless tmpPath is defined explicitly.

                                                      method moveToDisk

                                                      moveToDisk: (
                                                      location: string,
                                                      options?: WriteOptions & { name?: string },
                                                      diskName?: keyof DisksList
                                                      ) => Promise<void>;
                                                      • Move file to a pre-registered drive disk

                                                      method toJSON

                                                      toJSON: () => FileJSON;
                                                      • Get JSON representation of file

                                                      method validate

                                                      validate: () => void;
                                                      • Run validations on the file

                                                      type BodyParserConfig

                                                      type BodyParserConfig = {
                                                      whitelistedMethods: string[];
                                                      json: BodyParserJSONConfig;
                                                      form: BodyParserFormConfig;
                                                      raw: BodyParserRawConfig;
                                                      multipart: BodyParserMultipartConfig;
                                                      • Body parser config for all different types

                                                      type BodyParserFormConfig

                                                      type BodyParserFormConfig = BodyParserBaseConfig & {
                                                      queryString: QueryStringConfig;
                                                      convertEmptyStringsToNull: boolean;
                                                      • Parser config for parsing form data

                                                      type BodyParserJSONConfig

                                                      type BodyParserJSONConfig = BodyParserBaseConfig & {
                                                      strict: boolean;
                                                      • Body parser config for parsing JSON requests

                                                      type BodyParserMultipartConfig

                                                      type BodyParserMultipartConfig = BodyParserBaseConfig & {
                                                      autoProcess: boolean;
                                                      maxFields: number;
                                                      processManually: string[];
                                                      convertEmptyStringsToNull: boolean;
                                                      tmpFileName?(): string;
                                                      • Parser config for parsing multipart requests

                                                      type BodyParserRawConfig

                                                      type BodyParserRawConfig = BodyParserBaseConfig & {
                                                      queryString: QueryStringConfig;
                                                      • Parser config for parsing raw body (untouched)

                                                      type FileJSON

                                                      type FileJSON = {
                                                      fieldName: string;
                                                      clientName: string;
                                                      size: number;
                                                      filePath?: string;
                                                      type?: string;
                                                      extname?: string;
                                                      subtype?: string;
                                                      state: 'idle' | 'streaming' | 'consumed' | 'moved';
                                                      isValid: boolean;
                                                      validated: boolean;
                                                      errors: FileUploadError[];
                                                      meta: any;
                                                      • Shape of file.toJSON return value

                                                      type FileUploadError

                                                      type FileUploadError = {
                                                      fieldName: string;
                                                      clientName: string;
                                                      message: string;
                                                      type: 'size' | 'extname' | 'fatal';
                                                      • Error shape for file upload errors

                                                      type FileValidationOptions

                                                      type FileValidationOptions = {
                                                      size: string | number;
                                                      extnames: string[];
                                                      • The options that can be used to validate a given file

                                                      type MultipartStream

                                                      type MultipartStream = Readable & {
                                                      headers: {
                                                      [key: string]: string;
                                                      name: string;
                                                      filename: string;
                                                      bytes: number;
                                                      file: MultipartFileContract;
                                                      • Readable stream along with some extra data. This is what is passed to onFile handlers.

                                                      type PartHandler

                                                      type PartHandler = (
                                                      part: MultipartStream,
                                                      reportChunk: (chunk: Buffer) => void
                                                      ) => Promise<
                                                      | ({
                                                      filePath?: string;
                                                      tmpPath?: string;
                                                      } & {
                                                      [key: string]: any;
                                                      | void
                                                      • The callback handler for a given file part

                                                      namespace @ioc:Adonis/Core/Request

                                                      module '@ioc:Adonis/Core/Request' {}
                                                      • Extending the request interface on the core module

                                                      interface RequestContract

                                                      interface RequestContract {}

                                                        property multipart

                                                        multipart: MultipartContract;

                                                          method allFiles

                                                          allFiles: () => {
                                                          [field: string]: MultipartFileContract | MultipartFileContract[];

                                                            method file

                                                            file: (
                                                            key: string,
                                                            options?: Partial<FileValidationOptions>
                                                            ) => MultipartFileContract | null;

                                                              method files

                                                              files: (
                                                              key: string,
                                                              options?: Partial<FileValidationOptions>
                                                              ) => MultipartFileContract[];

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