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npm i @alicloud/tea-typescript
yarn add @alicloud/tea-typescript
pnpm add @alicloud/tea-typescript


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function allowRetry

allowRetry: (retry: TeaObject, retryTimes: number, startTime: number) => boolean;

    function cast

    cast: <T>(obj: any, t: T) => T;

      function doAction

      doAction: (request: Request, runtime?: TeaObject) => Promise<Response>;

        function getBackoffTime

        getBackoffTime: (backoff: TeaObject, retryTimes: number) => number;

          function isRetryable

          isRetryable: (err: Error) => boolean;

            function newError

            newError: (data: any) => ResponseError;

              function newUnretryableError

              newUnretryableError: (request: Request) => Error;

                function retryError

                retryError: (request: Request, response: Response) => Error;

                  function sleep

                  sleep: (ms: number) => Promise<void>;

                    function toMap

                    toMap: (value?: any) => any;


                      class BytesReadable

                      class BytesReadable extends Readable {}


                        constructor(value: any);

                          property value

                          value: Buffer;

                            class Model

                            class Model {}


                              constructor(map?: TeaObject);

                                method toMap

                                toMap: () => TeaObject;

                                  class Request

                                  class Request {}



                                      property body

                                      body: Readable;

                                        property headers

                                        headers: TeaDict;

                                          property method

                                          method: string;

                                            property pathname

                                            pathname: string;

                                              property port

                                              port: number;

                                                property protocol

                                                protocol: string;

                                                  property query

                                                  query: TeaDict;

                                                    class Response

                                                    class Response {}


                                                      constructor(httpResponse: IncomingMessage);

                                                        property body

                                                        body: IncomingMessage;

                                                          property headers

                                                          headers: TeaDict;

                                                            property statusCode

                                                            statusCode: number;

                                                              property statusMessage

                                                              statusMessage: string;

                                                                method convertHeaders

                                                                convertHeaders: (headers: IncomingHttpHeaders) => TeaDict;

                                                                  method readBytes

                                                                  readBytes: () => Promise<Buffer>;

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