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npm i @angular-devkit/build-webpack
yarn add @angular-devkit/build-webpack
pnpm add @angular-devkit/build-webpack


Webpack Builder for Architect



function runWebpack

runWebpack: (
config: webpack.Configuration,
context: BuilderContext,
options?: {
logging?: WebpackLoggingCallback;
webpackFactory?: WebpackFactory;
shouldProvideStats?: boolean;
) => Observable<any>;

    function runWebpackDevServer

    runWebpackDevServer: (
    config: webpack.Configuration,
    context: BuilderContext,
    options?: {
    shouldProvideStats?: boolean;
    devServerConfig?: WebpackDevServer.Configuration;
    logging?: WebpackLoggingCallback;
    webpackFactory?: WebpackFactory;
    webpackDevServerFactory?: WebpackDevServerFactory;
    ) => Observable<any>;


      interface EmittedFiles

      interface EmittedFiles {}

        property asset

        asset?: boolean;

          property extension

          extension: string;

            property file

            file: string;

              property id

              id?: string;

                property initial

                initial: boolean;

                  property name

                  name?: string;

                    interface WebpackFactory

                    interface WebpackFactory {}

                      call signature

                      (config: webpack.Configuration): Observable<webpack.Compiler> | webpack.Compiler;

                        interface WebpackLoggingCallback

                        interface WebpackLoggingCallback {}

                          call signature

                          (stats: webpack.Stats, config: webpack.Configuration): void;

                            Type Aliases

                            type BuildResult

                            type BuildResult = BuilderOutput & {
                            emittedFiles?: EmittedFiles[];
                            webpackStats?: webpack.StatsCompilation;
                            outputPath: string;

                              type DevServerBuildOutput

                              type DevServerBuildOutput = BuildResult & {
                              port: number;
                              family: string;
                              address: string;

                                type WebpackBuilderSchema

                                type WebpackBuilderSchema = RealWebpackBuilderSchema;

                                  type WebpackDevServerFactory

                                  type WebpackDevServerFactory = typeof WebpackDevServer;

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