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npm i @angular/fire
yarn add @angular/fire
pnpm add @angular/fire


The official Angular library for Firebase.






    const FIREBASE_OPTIONS: any;

      variable VERSION

      const VERSION: any;


        function ɵapplyMixins

        ɵapplyMixins: (derivedCtor: any, constructors: any[]) => void;

          function ɵfetchInstance

          ɵfetchInstance: <T>(
          cacheKey: any,
          moduleName: string,
          app: FirebaseApp,
          fn: () => T,
          args: any[]
          ) => T;

            function ɵfirebaseAppFactory

            ɵfirebaseAppFactory: (
            options: FirebaseOptions,
            zone: any,
            nameOrConfig?: string | FirebaseAppConfig | null
            ) => FirebaseApp;

              function ɵkeepUnstableUntilFirstFactory

              ɵkeepUnstableUntilFirstFactory: (
              schedulers: ɵAngularFireSchedulers
              ) => <T>(obs$: any) => any;
              • Operator to block the zone until the first value has been emitted or the observable has completed/errored. This is used to make sure that universal waits until the first value from firebase but doesn't block the zone forever since the firebase subscription is still alive.

              function ɵlazySDKProxy

              ɵlazySDKProxy: (
              klass: any,
              observable: any,
              zone: any,
              options?: {
              spy?: {
              get?: (name: string, it: any) => void;
              apply?: (name: string, args: any[], it: any) => void;
              ) => any;

                function ɵlogAuthEmulatorError

                ɵlogAuthEmulatorError: () => void;


                  class AngularFireModule

                  class AngularFireModule {}


                    constructor(platformId: Object);

                      method initializeApp

                      static initializeApp: (
                      options: FirebaseOptions,
                      nameOrConfig?: string | FirebaseAppConfig
                      ) => any;

                        class FirebaseApp

                        class FirebaseApp implements Partial<firebase.app.App> {}

                          property analytics

                          analytics: () => any;

                            property auth

                            auth: () => any;

                              property database

                              database: (databaseURL?: string) => any;

                                property delete

                                delete: () => Promise<void>;

                                  property firestore

                                  firestore: () => any;

                                    property functions

                                    functions: (region?: string) => any;

                                      property messaging

                                      messaging: () => any;

                                        property name

                                        name: string;

                                          property options

                                          options: {};

                                            property performance

                                            performance: () => any;

                                              property remoteConfig

                                              remoteConfig: () => any;

                                                property storage

                                                storage: (storageBucket?: string) => any;

                                                  class ɵAngularFireSchedulers

                                                  class ɵAngularFireSchedulers {}


                                                    constructor(ngZone: any);

                                                      property insideAngular

                                                      readonly insideAngular: ɵZoneScheduler;

                                                        property ngZone

                                                        ngZone: any;

                                                          property outsideAngular

                                                          readonly outsideAngular: ɵZoneScheduler;

                                                            class ɵBlockUntilFirstOperator

                                                            class ɵBlockUntilFirstOperator<T> implements Operator<T, T> {}


                                                              constructor(zone: any);

                                                                method call

                                                                call: (subscriber: any, source: any) => any;

                                                                  class ɵZoneScheduler

                                                                  class ɵZoneScheduler implements SchedulerLike {}
                                                                  • Schedules tasks so that they are invoked inside the Zone that is passed in the constructor.


                                                                  constructor(zone: any, delegate?: any);

                                                                    method now

                                                                    now: () => any;

                                                                      method schedule

                                                                      schedule: (
                                                                      work: (this: any, state?: any) => void,
                                                                      delay?: number,
                                                                      state?: any
                                                                      ) => any;


                                                                        interface FirebaseAppConfig

                                                                        interface FirebaseAppConfig {}

                                                                          index signature

                                                                          [key: string]: any;

                                                                            interface FirebaseOptions

                                                                            interface FirebaseOptions {}

                                                                              index signature

                                                                              [key: string]: any;

                                                                                Type Aliases

                                                                                type ɵPromiseProxy

                                                                                type ɵPromiseProxy<T> = {
                                                                                [K in NonFunctionPropertyNames<T>]: Promise<T[K]>;
                                                                                } &
                                                                                [K in NonPromiseReturningFunctionPropertyNames<T>]: (
                                                                                ...args: Parameters<T[K]>
                                                                                ) => Promise<ReturnType<T[K]>>;
                                                                                } &
                                                                                [K in PromiseReturningFunctionPropertyNames<T>]: (
                                                                                ...args: Parameters<T[K]>
                                                                                ) => ReturnType<T[K]>;

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