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npm i @angular/material-moment-adapter
yarn add @angular/material-moment-adapter
pnpm add @angular/material-moment-adapter


Angular Material Moment Adapter




const MAT_MOMENT_DATE_ADAPTER_OPTIONS: InjectionToken<MatMomentDateAdapterOptions>;
  • InjectionToken for moment date adapter to configure options.


const MAT_MOMENT_DATE_FORMATS: MatDateFormats;



    MAT_MOMENT_DATE_ADAPTER_OPTIONS_FACTORY: () => MatMomentDateAdapterOptions;
    • @docs-private

    function provideMomentDateAdapter

    provideMomentDateAdapter: (
    formats?: MatDateFormats,
    options?: MatMomentDateAdapterOptions
    ) => Provider[];


      class MatMomentDateModule

      class MatMomentDateModule {}

        property ɵfac

        static ɵfac: i0.ɵɵFactoryDeclaration<MatMomentDateModule, never>;

          property ɵinj

          static ɵinj: i0.ɵɵInjectorDeclaration<MatMomentDateModule>;

            property ɵmod

            static ɵmod: i0.ɵɵNgModuleDeclaration<MatMomentDateModule, never, never, never>;

              class MomentDateAdapter

              class MomentDateAdapter extends DateAdapter<Moment> {}
              • Adapts Moment.js Dates for use with Angular Material.


              constructor(dateLocale: string, _options?: MatMomentDateAdapterOptions);

                property ɵfac

                static ɵfac: i0.ɵɵFactoryDeclaration<
                [{ optional: true }, { optional: true }]

                  property ɵprov

                  static ɵprov: i0.ɵɵInjectableDeclaration<MomentDateAdapter>;

                    method addCalendarDays

                    addCalendarDays: (date: Moment, days: number) => Moment;

                      method addCalendarMonths

                      addCalendarMonths: (date: Moment, months: number) => Moment;

                        method addCalendarYears

                        addCalendarYears: (date: Moment, years: number) => Moment;

                          method clone

                          clone: (date: Moment) => Moment;

                            method createDate

                            createDate: (year: number, month: number, date: number) => Moment;

                              method deserialize

                              deserialize: (value: any) => Moment | null;
                              • Returns the given value if given a valid Moment or null. Deserializes valid ISO 8601 strings (https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3339.txt) and valid Date objects into valid Moments and empty string into null. Returns an invalid date for all other values.

                              method format

                              format: (date: Moment, displayFormat: string) => string;

                                method getDate

                                getDate: (date: Moment) => number;

                                  method getDateNames

                                  getDateNames: () => string[];

                                    method getDayOfWeek

                                    getDayOfWeek: (date: Moment) => number;

                                      method getDayOfWeekNames

                                      getDayOfWeekNames: (style: 'long' | 'short' | 'narrow') => string[];

                                        method getFirstDayOfWeek

                                        getFirstDayOfWeek: () => number;

                                          method getMonth

                                          getMonth: (date: Moment) => number;

                                            method getMonthNames

                                            getMonthNames: (style: 'long' | 'short' | 'narrow') => string[];

                                              method getNumDaysInMonth

                                              getNumDaysInMonth: (date: Moment) => number;

                                                method getYear

                                                getYear: (date: Moment) => number;

                                                  method getYearName

                                                  getYearName: (date: Moment) => string;

                                                    method invalid

                                                    invalid: () => Moment;

                                                      method isDateInstance

                                                      isDateInstance: (obj: any) => boolean;

                                                        method isValid

                                                        isValid: (date: Moment) => boolean;

                                                          method parse

                                                          parse: (value: any, parseFormat: string | string[]) => Moment | null;

                                                            method setLocale

                                                            setLocale: (locale: string) => void;

                                                              method today

                                                              today: () => Moment;

                                                                method toIso8601

                                                                toIso8601: (date: Moment) => string;

                                                                  class MomentDateModule

                                                                  class MomentDateModule {}

                                                                    property ɵfac

                                                                    static ɵfac: i0.ɵɵFactoryDeclaration<MomentDateModule, never>;

                                                                      property ɵinj

                                                                      static ɵinj: i0.ɵɵInjectorDeclaration<MomentDateModule>;

                                                                        property ɵmod

                                                                        static ɵmod: i0.ɵɵNgModuleDeclaration<MomentDateModule, never, never, never>;


                                                                          interface MatMomentDateAdapterOptions

                                                                          interface MatMomentDateAdapterOptions {}
                                                                          • Configurable options for MomentDateAdapter.

                                                                          property strict

                                                                          strict?: boolean;
                                                                          • When enabled, the dates have to match the format exactly. See https://momentjs.com/guides/#/parsing/strict-mode/.

                                                                          property useUtc

                                                                          useUtc?: boolean;
                                                                          • Turns the use of utc dates on or off. Changing this will change how Angular Material components like DatePicker output dates. Defaults to false.

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