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npm i @apollographql/apollo-tools
yarn add @apollographql/apollo-tools
pnpm add @apollographql/apollo-tools


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function buildServiceDefinition

buildServiceDefinition: (
modules: (GraphQLSchemaModule | DocumentNode)[]
) => GraphQLServiceDefinition;

    function invariant

    invariant: (condition: any, message: string) => void;

      function isDocumentNode

      isDocumentNode: (node: ASTNode) => node is DocumentNode;

        function isNode

        isNode: (maybeNode: any) => maybeNode is ASTNode;

          function isNotNullOrUndefined

          isNotNullOrUndefined: <T>(value: T | null | undefined) => value is T;


            interface GraphQLResolverMap

            interface GraphQLResolverMap<TContext> {}

              index signature

              [typeName: string]: {
              [fieldName: string]:
              | GraphQLFieldResolver<any, TContext>
              | {
              requires?: string;
              resolve: GraphQLFieldResolver<any, TContext>;
              subscribe?: undefined;
              | {
              requires?: string;
              resolve?: undefined;
              subscribe: GraphQLFieldResolver<any, TContext>;
              | {
              requires?: string;
              resolve: GraphQLFieldResolver<any, TContext>;
              subscribe: GraphQLFieldResolver<any, TContext>;

                interface GraphQLSchemaModule

                interface GraphQLSchemaModule {}

                  property resolvers

                  resolvers?: GraphQLResolverMap<any>;

                    property typeDefs

                    typeDefs: DocumentNode;

                      Type Aliases

                      type GraphQLObjectResolver

                      type GraphQLObjectResolver<TSource, TContext> = (
                      source: TSource,
                      fields: Record<string, ReadonlyArray<FieldNode>>,
                      context: TContext,
                      info: GraphQLResolveInfo
                      ) => any;

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