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npm i @atomist/sdm
yarn add @atomist/sdm
pnpm add @atomist/sdm


Atomist Software Delivery Machine SDK







Type Aliases



variable AddressNoChannels

const AddressNoChannels: AddressChannels;
  • Throw away contents. Use when we know that there can be no linked channels.

variable and

const and: (...pushTests: PushTestOrProjectPredicate[]) => PushTest;
  • Wrap all these PushTests or ProjectPredicates in a single PushTest AND: Return true if all are satisfied

variable AnyPush

const AnyPush: PushTest;
  • Match on any push

    Parameter p

variable ApproveGoalIfErrorComments

const ApproveGoalIfErrorComments: ReviewListenerRegistration;
  • Listener that requires approval on the code inspection if the review has any error comments.

variable ApproveGoalIfWarnComments

const ApproveGoalIfWarnComments: ReviewListenerRegistration;
  • Listener that requires approval on the code inspection if the review has any warn comments.

variable AtomistContinuationMimeType

const AtomistContinuationMimeType: string;

    variable AutofixProgressReporter

    const AutofixProgressReporter: ReportProgress;
    • Default ReportProgress for running autofixes

    variable AutofixProgressTests

    const AutofixProgressTests: ProgressTest[];

      variable BaseContext

      const BaseContext: string;

        variable CFamilyLanguageSourceFiles

        const CFamilyLanguageSourceFiles: string;
        • Glob patterns for C family languages

        variable CloningProjectLoader

        const CloningProjectLoader: ProjectLoader;
        • Non caching ProjectLoader that uses a separate clone for each project accessed

        variable createEphemeralProgressLog

        const createEphemeralProgressLog: ProgressLogFactory;

          variable DefaultCancelOptions

          const DefaultCancelOptions: CancelOptions;

            variable DefaultExtractAuthor

            const DefaultExtractAuthor: ExtractAuthor;

              variable DefaultGoalNameGenerator

              const DefaultGoalNameGenerator: SourceLocationGoalNameGenerator;

                variable DefaultMockOptions

                const DefaultMockOptions: MockOptions;
                • Default mock options to be merged into custom options provided on configuration.sdm.mock

                variable DefaultPredicateMappingCostAnalyzer

                const DefaultPredicateMappingCostAnalyzer: PredicateMappingCostAnalyzer<any>;
                • Estimate cost by looking at code to see if it goes through a project

                  Parameter pm


                variable DefaultQueueOptions

                const DefaultQueueOptions: QueueOptions;

                  variable DoNotSetAnyGoals

                  const DoNotSetAnyGoals: Goals;
                  • Constant to indicate we should never match. {any}

                  variable DoNotSetAnyGoalsAndLock

                  const DoNotSetAnyGoalsAndLock: Goals;
                  • Should be used in additive goal setting when no more goals should be scheduled.

                  variable DryRunParameter

                  const DryRunParameter: any;

                    variable FailGoalIfErrorComments

                    const FailGoalIfErrorComments: ReviewListenerRegistration;
                    • Listener that fails the code inspection if the review has any error comments.

                    variable FailGoalIfWarnComments

                    const FailGoalIfWarnComments: ReviewListenerRegistration;
                    • Listener that fails the code inspection if the review has any warn comments.

                    variable FromAtomist

                    const FromAtomist: PushTest;
                    • Is this a push originated by Atomist? Note that we can't look at the committer, as if a user invoked a command handler, their credentials will be used

                      Parameter p


                    variable GeneratorTag

                    const GeneratorTag: string;

                      variable GitBranchRegExp

                      const GitBranchRegExp: BaseParameter;

                        variable GitHubNameRegExp

                        const GitHubNameRegExp: BaseParameter;

                          variable githubTeamVoter

                          const githubTeamVoter: (team?: string) => GoalApprovalRequestVoter;
                          • Deprecated

                            since 1.0.0 use gitHubTeamVoter instead

                          variable GitShaRegExp

                          const GitShaRegExp: BaseParameter;

                            variable GoalSetGoalCompletionListener

                            const GoalSetGoalCompletionListener: Function1<I, Promise<R>>;
                            • Update the state of the SdmGoalSet as the goals progress

                              Parameter gcl

                            variable HasTravisFile

                            const HasTravisFile: PredicatePushTest;
                            • Does this project use Travis?

                            variable Immaterial

                            const Immaterial: GoalWithFulfillment;
                            • Goal that should be scheduled for immaterial changes. Uses a no-op goalExecutor.

                            variable ImmaterialGoals

                            const ImmaterialGoals: Goals;
                            • Goals instance for Immaterial changes

                            variable IndependentOfEnvironment

                            const IndependentOfEnvironment: GoalEnvironment;

                              variable InspectionTag

                              const InspectionTag: string;

                                variable IsDeployEnabled

                                const IsDeployEnabled: PushTest;
                                • Is repo enabled for deployment

                                  Parameter pi

                                variable IsPushToBranchWithPullRequest

                                const IsPushToBranchWithPullRequest: PushTest;
                                • Is this push to a non-default branch that has an open pull request?

                                variable JobDescriptionParameter

                                const JobDescriptionParameter: any;

                                  variable JobNameParameter

                                  const JobNameParameter: any;

                                    variable JobRequiredParameter

                                    const JobRequiredParameter: any;

                                      variable Locking

                                      const Locking: Goal;

                                        variable LogSuppressor

                                        const LogSuppressor: InterpretLog<any>;
                                        • Use when we don't want to report the log to the user under any circumstances {InterpretedLog}

                                        variable MsgIdParameter

                                        const MsgIdParameter: any;

                                          variable NamedSeedRepo

                                          const NamedSeedRepo: PushTest;
                                          • Is this a seed repo, based on the naming convention that such repos have "-seed" in their name

                                            Parameter pi

                                          variable NonEmpty

                                          const NonEmpty: PredicatePushTest;
                                          • PushTest that returns true if project is non empty {PredicatePushTest}

                                          variable NoOpExtractAuthor

                                          const NoOpExtractAuthor: ExtractAuthor;

                                            variable NoParameterPrompt

                                            const NoParameterPrompt: ParameterPrompt<any>;
                                            • No-op NoParameterPrompt implementation that never prompts for new parameters

                                            variable NoPreferenceStore

                                            const NoPreferenceStore: PreferenceStore;
                                            • NoOp PreferenceStore implementation useful for situations in which the SDM does not support preferences or tests.

                                            variable NoProgressReport

                                            const NoProgressReport: ReportProgress;
                                            • Don't report any progress

                                            variable not

                                            const not: <F>(t: PredicateMapping<F>) => PredicateMapping<F>;
                                            • Return the opposite of this push test

                                            variable or

                                            const or: (...pushTests: PushTestOrProjectPredicate[]) => PushTest;
                                            • Wrap all these PushTests or ProjectPredicates in a single PushTest OR: Return true if any is satisfied

                                            variable ProductionEnvironment

                                            const ProductionEnvironment: GoalEnvironment;

                                              variable ProjectDisposalEnvironment

                                              const ProjectDisposalEnvironment: GoalEnvironment;

                                                variable SemVerRegExp

                                                const SemVerRegExp: BaseParameter;
                                                • Validation pattern for semantic versions {{displayName: string; description: string; pattern: RegExp; validInput: string; minLength: number; maxLength: number}}

                                                variable ServiceRegistrationGoalDataKey

                                                const ServiceRegistrationGoalDataKey: string;
                                                • Key under which services can be found in goal data.

                                                variable StagingEnvironment

                                                const StagingEnvironment: GoalEnvironment;

                                                  variable SuccessIsReturn0ErrorFinder

                                                  const SuccessIsReturn0ErrorFinder: ErrorFinder;
                                                  • Default ErrorFinder that regards everything but a return code of 0 as failure.

                                                    Parameter code

                                                    process exit status true if exit status is not zero

                                                  variable ToDefaultBranch

                                                  const ToDefaultBranch: PushTest;

                                                    variable TransformTag

                                                    const TransformTag: string;

                                                      variable UnanimousGoalApprovalRequestVoteDecisionManager

                                                      const UnanimousGoalApprovalRequestVoteDecisionManager: GoalApprovalRequestVoteDecisionManager;
                                                      • Default GoalApprovalRequestVoteDecisionManager that decides unanimously on votes. One denied vote will deny the approval request; all granted votes with grant the request. All other votes with result in an abstained approval request.

                                                        Parameter votes


                                                      function actionableButton

                                                      actionableButton: <T extends ParameterType>(
                                                      buttonSpec: ButtonSpecification,
                                                      commandHandlerRegistration: CommandRegistration<T> | string,
                                                      parameters?: ParameterType
                                                      ) => Action;
                                                      • Create an actionable button invoking the given command

                                                        Parameter buttonSpec

                                                        Parameter commandHandlerRegistration

                                                        command registration or command name

                                                        Parameter parameters

                                                        parameters to the command

                                                      function actionableMenu

                                                      actionableMenu: <T extends ParameterType>(
                                                      menuSpec: MenuSpecification,
                                                      commandHandlerRegistration: CommandRegistration<T> | string,
                                                      parameterName: string,
                                                      parameters?: ParameterType
                                                      ) => Action;
                                                      • Create an actionable menu invoking the given command

                                                        Parameter menuSpec

                                                        Parameter commandHandlerRegistration

                                                        command registration or command name

                                                        Parameter parameterName

                                                        name of the parameter to bind the menu to

                                                        Parameter parameters

                                                        parameters to the command

                                                      function adaptHandleCommand

                                                      adaptHandleCommand: (
                                                      maker: Maker<HandleCommand<any>>
                                                      ) => CommandHandlerRegistration;
                                                      • Convert an decorator-style HandleCommand to a SDM-style CommandHandlerRegistration

                                                      function addMappedParameters

                                                      addMappedParameters: (
                                                      p: NamedMappedParameter,
                                                      ...more: NamedMappedParameter[]
                                                      ) => ParametersBuilder;
                                                      • Declare a new mapped parameter for the given command {ParametersBuilder}

                                                      function addParameters

                                                      addParameters: (
                                                      p: NamedParameter,
                                                      ...more: NamedParameter[]
                                                      ) => ParametersBuilder;
                                                      • Declare a new parameter for the given command {ParametersBuilder}

                                                      function addressChannelsFor

                                                      addressChannelsFor: (
                                                      hasChannels: HasChannels,
                                                      ctx: HandlerContext
                                                      ) => AddressChannels;
                                                      • Address the chat channels associated with this object. Typically used to address channels associated with a repo.

                                                        Parameter hasChannels

                                                        Parameter ctx


                                                      function addressChannelsProgressLog

                                                      addressChannelsProgressLog: (
                                                      name: string,
                                                      hasChannels: HasChannels,
                                                      ctx: HandlerContext
                                                      ) => ProgressLog;
                                                      • Stream the ProgressLog output to any channels associated with the current model element (such a repo) in Slack or elswhere.

                                                        Parameter name

                                                        name for the log. Should relate to the activity we're logging

                                                        Parameter hasChannels

                                                        Parameter ctx


                                                      function addressDestinations

                                                      addressDestinations: (
                                                      ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                      ...destinations: Destination[]
                                                      ) => AddressChannels;

                                                        function addSecrets

                                                        addSecrets: (s: NamedSecret, ...more: NamedSecret[]) => ParametersBuilder;
                                                        • Declare a new secret parameter for the given command {ParametersBuilder}

                                                        function addValues

                                                        addValues: (s: NamedValue, ...more: NamedValue[]) => ParametersBuilder;
                                                        • Declare a new configuration value parameter for the given command {ParametersBuilder}

                                                        function afterListener

                                                        afterListener: (listener: PrepareForGoalExecution) => GoalProjectListener;
                                                        • Convenience function that takes a PrepareForGoalExecution and invokes it for after goal project events.

                                                          Parameter listener

                                                        function all

                                                        all: <F>(
                                                        predicates: Array<PredicateMapping<F>>,
                                                        analyzer?: PredicateMappingCostAnalyzer<F>
                                                        ) => PredicateMapping<F>;
                                                        • Wrap all these predicates in a single predicate AND: Return true if all are satisfied

                                                          Parameter predicates

                                                          Parameter analyzer

                                                          analyzer to use for performance optimization {PredicateMapping}

                                                        function allOf

                                                        allOf: <F>(
                                                        pred1: PredicateMappingTerm<F>,
                                                        ...preds: Array<PredicateMappingTerm<F>>
                                                        ) => PredicateMapping<F>;
                                                        • Predicate mapping DSL method. Allows use of booleans and functions returning boolean in predicate expressions

                                                          Parameter pred1

                                                          Parameter preds

                                                        function allPredicatesSatisfied

                                                        allPredicatesSatisfied: (...predicates: ProjectPredicate[]) => ProjectPredicate;
                                                        • Wrap all these ProjectPredicates in a single ProjectPredicate AND: Return true if all are satisfied

                                                          Parameter predicates


                                                        function allReposInTeam

                                                        allReposInTeam: (rrr: RepoRefResolver) => RepoFinder;
                                                        • Use a GraphQL query to find all repos for the current team

                                                          Parameter rrr

                                                          RepoRefResolver used to find RepoRef from GraphQL result

                                                        function allSatisfied

                                                        allSatisfied: (...pushTests: PushTestOrProjectPredicate[]) => PushTest;
                                                        • Wrap all these PushTests or ProjectPredicates in a single PushTest AND: Return true if all are satisfied

                                                          Parameter pushTests


                                                        function announceTransformResults

                                                        announceTransformResults: (
                                                        trs: TransformResult[],
                                                        cli: CommandListenerInvocation
                                                        ) => Promise<void>;
                                                        • This is a useful function to pass to CodeTransformRegistration.onTransformResults. It sends a message per repository describing any errors that occurred while saving the transforms, and also where the transform was applied. It gives you the branch name.

                                                          Parameter trs

                                                          results of transforms

                                                          Parameter cli

                                                          original command invocation

                                                        function any

                                                        any: <F>(
                                                        predicates: Array<PredicateMapping<F>>,
                                                        analyzer?: PredicateMappingCostAnalyzer<F>
                                                        ) => PredicateMapping<F>;
                                                        • Wrap all these predicates in a single predicate OR: Return true if any is satisfied

                                                          Parameter predicates

                                                          Parameter analyzer

                                                          analyzer to use for performance optimization {PredicateMapping}

                                                        function anyFileChanged

                                                        anyFileChanged: (
                                                        options: MaterialChangeOptions,
                                                        changedFiles: string[]
                                                        ) => boolean;

                                                          function anyFileChangedSuchThat

                                                          anyFileChangedSuchThat: (
                                                          changedFilePaths: string[],
                                                          test: (path: string) => boolean
                                                          ) => boolean;
                                                          • Does a file satisfying this text exist within the set of changed files?

                                                            Parameter changedFilePaths

                                                            Parameter test

                                                            test for the file change {boolean}

                                                          function anyFileChangedWithExtension

                                                          anyFileChangedWithExtension: (
                                                          changedFilePaths: string[],
                                                          extensions: string[]
                                                          ) => boolean;

                                                            function anyPredicateSatisfied

                                                            anyPredicateSatisfied: (...predicates: ProjectPredicate[]) => ProjectPredicate;
                                                            • Wrap all these ProjectPredicates in a single ProjectPredicate OR: Return true if any is satisfied

                                                              Parameter predicates


                                                            function anySatisfied

                                                            anySatisfied: (...pushTests: PushTestOrProjectPredicate[]) => PushTest;
                                                            • Wrap all these PushTests or ProjectPredicates in a single PushTest OR: Return true if any is satisfied

                                                              Parameter pushTests


                                                            function appendOrCreateFileContent

                                                            appendOrCreateFileContent: (
                                                            command: AppendOrCreateCommand
                                                            ) => SimpleProjectEditor;
                                                            • Return an editor to append the given content to the end of the file at the specified path, creating the file with only this content if it doesn't exist. Adds no whitespace.

                                                              Parameter command

                                                              command {SimpleProjectEditor}

                                                            function attachFacts

                                                            attachFacts: <FACT, F extends SdmContext = PushListenerInvocation>(
                                                            compute: (f: F) => Promise<FACT>
                                                            ) => GoalContribution<F>;
                                                            • Enrich the invocation, attaching some facts. The returned object will be merged with any facts already on the invocation.

                                                              Parameter compute

                                                              additional facts. {GoalContribution}

                                                            function beforeListener

                                                            beforeListener: (listener: PrepareForGoalExecution) => GoalProjectListener;
                                                            • Convenience function that takes a PrepareForGoalExecution and invokes it for before goal project events.

                                                              Parameter listener

                                                            function branchAwareCodeTransform

                                                            branchAwareCodeTransform: (
                                                            codeTransformRegistration: CodeTransformRegistration<any>,
                                                            sdm: SoftwareDeliveryMachine
                                                            ) => CommandHandlerRegistration<RepoTargetingParameters>;
                                                            • Wrap a CodeTransform to determine the target branch of the transform.

                                                              If the target branch, as expressed by the CodeTransformRegistration.transformPresentation, already exists, the wrapped CodeTransform will run against that branch instead of the requested branch.

                                                              Parameter codeTransformRegistration

                                                              Parameter sdm

                                                            function cacheKey

                                                            cacheKey: (params: ProjectLoadingParameters) => string;
                                                            • Compute a cache key from the given ProjectLoadingParameters.

                                                              In this context undefined and false are functionally equivalent, so undefined values are coerced to false.

                                                              Parameter id


                                                            function cancelableGoal

                                                            cancelableGoal: (
                                                            sdmGoal: SdmGoalEvent,
                                                            configuration: Configuration
                                                            ) => Promise<boolean>;
                                                            • Can goal be canceled

                                                            function chattyDryRunAwareEditor

                                                            chattyDryRunAwareEditor: (
                                                            ctr: CodeTransformRegistration<any>,
                                                            underlyingEditor: AnyProjectEditor
                                                            ) => ProjectEditor;
                                                            • Wrap this editor to make it chatty, so it responds to Slack if there's nothing to do. It also honors the dryRun parameter flag to just capture the git diff and send it back to Slack instead of pushing changes to Git.

                                                            function chooseAndSetGoals

                                                            chooseAndSetGoals: (
                                                            rules: ChooseAndSetGoalsRules,
                                                            parameters: {
                                                            context: HandlerContext;
                                                            credentials: ProjectOperationCredentials;
                                                            push: PushFields.Fragment;
                                                            ) => Promise<Goals | undefined>;
                                                            • Choose and set goals for this push

                                                              Parameter rules

                                                              : configuration for handling incoming pushes

                                                              Parameter parameters

                                                              details of incoming request {Promise<Goals | undefined>}

                                                            function codeInspectionRegistrationToCommand

                                                            codeInspectionRegistrationToCommand: <R>(
                                                            sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                            cir: CodeInspectionRegistration<R, any>
                                                            ) => Maker<HandleCommand>;

                                                              function codeTransformRegistrationToCommand

                                                              codeTransformRegistrationToCommand: (
                                                              sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                              ctr: CodeTransformRegistration<any>
                                                              ) => Maker<HandleCommand>;

                                                                function commandHandlerRegistrationToCommand

                                                                commandHandlerRegistrationToCommand: <P = NoParameters>(
                                                                sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                                c: CommandHandlerRegistration<P>
                                                                ) => Maker<HandleCommand<P>>;

                                                                  function commandRequestParameterPromptFactory

                                                                  commandRequestParameterPromptFactory: <T>(
                                                                  ctx: HandlerContext
                                                                  ) => ParameterPrompt<T>;
                                                                  • Default ParameterPromptFactory that uses the WebSocket connection to send parameter prompts to the backend.

                                                                    Parameter ctx

                                                                  function computeShaOf

                                                                  computeShaOf: (s: string) => string;
                                                                  • Compute the sha of the given string

                                                                    Parameter s


                                                                  function computeStartingPoint

                                                                  computeStartingPoint: <P extends SeedDrivenGeneratorParameters>(
                                                                  params: P,
                                                                  ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                                  repoLoader: RepoLoader,
                                                                  details: GeneratorCommandDetails<any>,
                                                                  startingPoint: StartingPoint<P>,
                                                                  cr: CommandRegistration<P>,
                                                                  sdmo: SoftwareDeliveryMachineOptions
                                                                  ) => Promise<Project>;
                                                                  • Retrieve a seed. Set the seed location on the parameters if possible and necessary.

                                                                  function confirmEditedness

                                                                  confirmEditedness: (editResult: EditResult) => Promise<EditResult>;
                                                                  • Try to work out whether a project was edited, looking at git status if we can't find out from the edit result

                                                                    Parameter editResult


                                                                  function constructGoalSet

                                                                  constructGoalSet: (
                                                                  ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                                  goalSetId: string,
                                                                  goalSet: string,
                                                                  sdmGoals: SdmGoalMessage[],
                                                                  tags: GoalSetTag[],
                                                                  push: OnPushToAnyBranch.Push
                                                                  ) => SdmGoalSetMessage;

                                                                    function constructProvenance

                                                                    constructProvenance: (ctx: HandlerContext) => SdmProvenance;

                                                                      function constructSdmGoal

                                                                      constructSdmGoal: (
                                                                      ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                                      parameters: {
                                                                      goalSet: string;
                                                                      goalSetId: string;
                                                                      goal: Goal;
                                                                      state: SdmGoalState;
                                                                      id: RemoteRepoRef;
                                                                      providerId: string;
                                                                      url?: string;
                                                                      fulfillment?: SdmGoalFulfillment;
                                                                      ) => SdmGoalMessage;

                                                                        function constructSdmGoalImplementation

                                                                        constructSdmGoalImplementation: (
                                                                        gi: GoalImplementation,
                                                                        registration: string
                                                                        ) => SdmGoalFulfillment;

                                                                          function copyFileFromUrl

                                                                          copyFileFromUrl: (url: string, path: string) => CodeTransform;
                                                                          • Add the downloaded content to the given project

                                                                            Parameter url

                                                                            url of the content. Must be publicly accessible

                                                                            Parameter path

                                                                          function copyFiles

                                                                          copyFiles: (
                                                                          donorProject: Project,
                                                                          fileMappings: Array<FileMapping | string>
                                                                          ) => CodeTransform;

                                                                            function copyFilesFrom

                                                                            copyFilesFrom: (
                                                                            donorProjectId: RemoteRepoRef,
                                                                            fileMappings: Array<FileMapping | string>,
                                                                            credentials: ProjectOperationCredentials
                                                                            ) => CodeTransform;
                                                                            • Take the specified files from the donor project

                                                                              Parameter donorProjectId

                                                                              Parameter fileMappings

                                                                              Parameter credentials


                                                                            function createCommand

                                                                            createCommand: <PARAMS = NoParameters>(
                                                                            sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                                            commandMaker: (sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions) => OnCommand<PARAMS>,
                                                                            name: string,
                                                                            paramsMaker?: Maker<PARAMS>,
                                                                            details?: CommandDetails
                                                                            ) => HandleCommand<PARAMS>;
                                                                            • Wrap a function in a command handler, allowing use of custom parameters. Targeting (targets property) is handled automatically if the parameters do not implement TargetsParams

                                                                              Parameter sdm

                                                                              machine or options

                                                                              Parameter commandMaker

                                                                              function to create command function

                                                                              Parameter name

                                                                              command name

                                                                              Parameter paramsMaker

                                                                              parameters factory, typically the name of a class with a no arg constructor

                                                                              Parameter details

                                                                              optional details to customize behavior Add intent "edit "

                                                                            function createJob

                                                                            createJob: <T extends ParameterType>(
                                                                            details: JobDetails<T>,
                                                                            ctx: HandlerContext
                                                                            ) => Promise<{ id: string }>;
                                                                            • Create a Job in the backend with the provided name and tasks

                                                                              A job can execute any registered command in the same or other connected SDM:

                                                                              command: name of the CommandRegistration or the registration instance itself registration: optional name of the SDM this job should be send to; defaults to the current SDM parameters: Record type with all required parameters for this command name: optional name of the job description: optional description of the job used to display to the user in chat or web

                                                                            function createPredicatedGoal

                                                                            createPredicatedGoal: (
                                                                            egi: EssentialGoalInfo,
                                                                            goalExecutor: ExecuteGoal,
                                                                            w: WaitRules
                                                                            ) => Goal;
                                                                            • Create a goal from the given executor, waiting until a condition is satisfied, with a given timeout.

                                                                              Parameter egi

                                                                              Parameter goalExecutor

                                                                              Parameter w

                                                                              rules for waiting {Goal}

                                                                            function createPredicatedGoalExecutor

                                                                            createPredicatedGoalExecutor: (
                                                                            uniqueName: string,
                                                                            goalExecutor: ExecuteGoal,
                                                                            w: WaitRules,
                                                                            unref?: boolean
                                                                            ) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                            • Wrap provided ExecuteGoal instance with WaitRules processing

                                                                              Parameter uniqueName

                                                                              Parameter goalExecutor

                                                                              Parameter w

                                                                              rules for waiting {ExecuteGoal}

                                                                            function createPushImpactListenerInvocation

                                                                            createPushImpactListenerInvocation: (
                                                                            goalInvocation: GoalInvocation,
                                                                            project: GitProject
                                                                            ) => Promise<PushImpactListenerInvocation>;
                                                                            • Create a PushImpactListenerInvocation from the given context. Includes both the complete project and the changed files.

                                                                              Parameter goalInvocation

                                                                              Parameter project


                                                                            function createRetryingGoalExecutor

                                                                            createRetryingGoalExecutor: (
                                                                            uniqueName: string,
                                                                            goalExecutor: ExecuteGoal,
                                                                            retry: RetryOptions
                                                                            ) => ExecuteGoal;

                                                                              function createSkillContext

                                                                              createSkillContext: <C extends Record<string, any> = any>(
                                                                              ctx: HandlerContext
                                                                              ) => SkillContext<C>;
                                                                              • Helper function to create a SkillContext instance from the passed in HandlerContext

                                                                              function decode

                                                                              decode: (coded: string) => string;
                                                                              • Decode the given Base 64 string

                                                                                Parameter coded


                                                                              function descriptionFromState

                                                                              descriptionFromState: (
                                                                              goal: Goal,
                                                                              state: SdmGoalState,
                                                                              goalEvent?: SdmGoalEvent
                                                                              ) => string;

                                                                                function determineGoals

                                                                                determineGoals: (
                                                                                rules: {
                                                                                projectLoader: ProjectLoader;
                                                                                repoRefResolver: RepoRefResolver;
                                                                                goalSetter: GoalSetter;
                                                                                implementationMapping: GoalImplementationMapper;
                                                                                enrichGoal: EnrichGoal;
                                                                                tagGoalSet?: TagGoalSet;
                                                                                circumstances: {
                                                                                credentials: ProjectOperationCredentials;
                                                                                id: RemoteRepoRef;
                                                                                context: HandlerContext;
                                                                                configuration: Configuration;
                                                                                push: PushFields.Fragment;
                                                                                addressChannels: AddressChannels;
                                                                                preferences?: PreferenceStore;
                                                                                goalSetId: string;
                                                                                ) => Promise<{
                                                                                determinedGoals: Goals | undefined;
                                                                                goalsToSave: SdmGoalMessage[];
                                                                                tags: GoalSetTag[];

                                                                                  function doWithProject

                                                                                  doWithProject: (
                                                                                  action: (pa: ProjectAwareGoalInvocation) => Promise<void | ExecuteGoalResult>,
                                                                                  cloneOptions?: CloneOptions & { readOnly: boolean }
                                                                                  ) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                                  • Convenience method to create goal implementations that require a local clone of the project.

                                                                                    Parameter action

                                                                                    Parameter cloneOptions



                                                                                  function doWithRepos

                                                                                  doWithRepos: (
                                                                                  sdm: SoftwareDeliveryMachine,
                                                                                  i: SdmContext,
                                                                                  action: WithLoadedProject<any>
                                                                                  ) => Promise<any>;
                                                                                  • Perform an action on all accessible repos in parallel up to a configurable max concurrency limit. This is normally readonly. If you want to perform an update, use a CodeTransform.

                                                                                    Parameter sdm

                                                                                    Parameter i

                                                                                    Parameter action


                                                                                  function encode

                                                                                  encode: (str: string) => string;
                                                                                  • Base 64 encode the given string

                                                                                    Parameter str


                                                                                  function enrichGoalSetters

                                                                                  enrichGoalSetters: <F extends SdmContext = StatefulPushListenerInvocation<any>>(
                                                                                  mapping: GoalContribution<F>,
                                                                                  contributor: GoalContribution<F>,
                                                                                  ...contributors: Array<GoalContribution<F>>
                                                                                  ) => Mapping<F, Goals> & GoalSettingStructure<F, Goals>;
                                                                                  • Enrich the given push mapping with our own contributions

                                                                                    Parameter mapping

                                                                                    Parameter contributor

                                                                                    Parameter contributors

                                                                                    {Mapping<F extends SdmContext, Goals>}

                                                                                  function environmentFromGoal

                                                                                  environmentFromGoal: (goal: Goal) => string;

                                                                                    function eventHandlerRegistrationToEvent

                                                                                    eventHandlerRegistrationToEvent: (
                                                                                    sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                                                    e: EventHandlerRegistration<any, any>
                                                                                    ) => Maker<HandleEvent>;

                                                                                      function executeAutofixes

                                                                                      executeAutofixes: (
                                                                                      registrations: AutofixRegistration[],
                                                                                      transformPresentation?: TransformPresentation<GoalInvocationParameters>,
                                                                                      extractAuthor?: ExtractAuthor
                                                                                      ) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                                      • Execute autofixes against this push Throw an error on failure

                                                                                        Parameter registrations


                                                                                      function executeAutoInspects

                                                                                      executeAutoInspects: (options: AutoInspectOptions) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                                      • Execute auto inspections and route or react to review results using review listeners

                                                                                        Parameter autoInspectRegistrations

                                                                                        Parameter reviewListeners

                                                                                        listeners to respond to reviews {ExecuteGoal}

                                                                                      function executeCancelGoalSets

                                                                                      executeCancelGoalSets: (options: CancelOptions, name: string) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                                      • Cancel any pending goals that are on the previous commit of the goal's branch

                                                                                        Parameter options

                                                                                        Parameter name

                                                                                      function executeGoal

                                                                                      executeGoal: (
                                                                                      rules: {
                                                                                      projectLoader: ProjectLoader;
                                                                                      goalExecutionListeners: GoalExecutionListener[];
                                                                                      implementation: GoalImplementation,
                                                                                      gi: GoalInvocation
                                                                                      ) => Promise<ExecuteGoalResult>;
                                                                                      • Central function to execute a goal with progress logging

                                                                                      function executeHook

                                                                                      executeHook: (
                                                                                      rules: { projectLoader: ProjectLoader },
                                                                                      goalInvocation: GoalInvocation,
                                                                                      sdmGoal: SdmGoalEvent,
                                                                                      stage: 'post' | 'pre'
                                                                                      ) => Promise<HandlerResult>;

                                                                                        function executePushImpact

                                                                                        executePushImpact: (
                                                                                        registrations: PushImpactListenerRegisterable[]
                                                                                        ) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                                        • Execute arbitrary code reactions against a codebase

                                                                                          Parameter registrations


                                                                                        function executeSendMessageToSlack

                                                                                        executeSendMessageToSlack: (msg: string | SlackMessage) => ExecuteGoal;
                                                                                        • * Execute a goal by sending a message to the linked Slack channels

                                                                                          Parameter msg


                                                                                        function fakeCommandListenerInvocation

                                                                                        fakeCommandListenerInvocation: <P>(
                                                                                        opts?: Partial<CommandListenerInvocation<P>>
                                                                                        ) => CommandListenerInvocation<P>;

                                                                                          function fakeContext

                                                                                          fakeContext: (workspaceId?: string) => HandlerContext & AutomationContextAware;
                                                                                          • Convenient function to allow creating fake contexts. Useful for testing

                                                                                            Parameter workspaceId


                                                                                          function fakeGoalInvocation

                                                                                          fakeGoalInvocation: (
                                                                                          id: RemoteRepoRef,
                                                                                          options?: SoftwareDeliveryMachineOptions
                                                                                          ) => GoalInvocation;
                                                                                          • Useful testing support

                                                                                            Parameter id


                                                                                          function fakePush

                                                                                          fakePush: (
                                                                                          project?: Project,
                                                                                          pli?: Partial<PushListenerInvocation>
                                                                                          ) => PushListenerInvocation;
                                                                                          • Used for testing

                                                                                            Parameter project

                                                                                            Parameter pli


                                                                                          function fetchCommitForSdmGoal

                                                                                          fetchCommitForSdmGoal: (
                                                                                          ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                                                          goal: SdmGoalFields.Fragment & SdmGoalRepo.Fragment
                                                                                          ) => Promise<CommitForSdmGoal.Commit>;

                                                                                            function fetchGoalsForCommit

                                                                                            fetchGoalsForCommit: (
                                                                                            ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                                                            id: RemoteRepoRef,
                                                                                            providerId: string,
                                                                                            goalSetId?: string
                                                                                            ) => Promise<SdmGoalEvent[]>;

                                                                                              function fetchGoalsFromPush

                                                                                              fetchGoalsFromPush: (sdmGoal: SdmGoalEvent) => SdmGoalEvent[];

                                                                                                function fileContent

                                                                                                fileContent: (
                                                                                                token: string,
                                                                                                rr: GitHubRepoRef,
                                                                                                path: string
                                                                                                ) => Promise<string | undefined>;

                                                                                                  function filesChangedSince

                                                                                                  filesChangedSince: (
                                                                                                  project: GitProject,
                                                                                                  push: PushFields.Fragment
                                                                                                  ) => Promise<string[] | undefined>;
                                                                                                  • Use git to list the files changed since the given sha or undefined if we cannot determine it

                                                                                                    Parameter project

                                                                                                    Parameter push


                                                                                                  function filteredView

                                                                                                  filteredView: <P extends Project = Project>(
                                                                                                  p: Project,
                                                                                                  filter: (path: string) => boolean
                                                                                                  ) => P;
                                                                                                  • Create a filtered view of the given project. Changes to the filtered view will affect the source project.

                                                                                                    Parameter p

                                                                                                    Parameter filter

                                                                                                    function to filter file paths. Return true to eliminate a file {Promise}

                                                                                                  function filterImmediateAutofixes

                                                                                                  filterImmediateAutofixes: (
                                                                                                  autofixes: AutofixRegistration[],
                                                                                                  gi: GoalInvocation
                                                                                                  ) => AutofixRegistration[];
                                                                                                  • Filter any provided autofixes whose results were included in the commits of the current push.

                                                                                                    Parameter autofixes

                                                                                                    Parameter gi



                                                                                                  function findSdmGoalOnCommit

                                                                                                  findSdmGoalOnCommit: (
                                                                                                  ctx: HandlerContext,
                                                                                                  id: RemoteRepoRef,
                                                                                                  providerId: string,
                                                                                                  goal: Goal
                                                                                                  ) => Promise<SdmGoalEvent>;

                                                                                                    function firstAvailableProgressLog

                                                                                                    firstAvailableProgressLog: (
                                                                                                    log: ProgressLog,
                                                                                                    ...moreLogs: ProgressLog[]
                                                                                                    ) => Promise<ProgressLog>;
                                                                                                    • Return the first available progress log. Error if none is available: Pass in a fallback that's always available.

                                                                                                      Parameter log

                                                                                                      first log

                                                                                                      Parameter moreLogs


                                                                                                    function format

                                                                                                    format: (msg: string, ...args: any[]) => string;
                                                                                                    • Returns a formatted string replacing any placeholders in msg with provided args

                                                                                                      See npm springf-js for more details on what args and placeholder patterns are supported.

                                                                                                    function formatDate

                                                                                                    formatDate: (date?: Date, format?: string, utc?: boolean) => string;
                                                                                                    • Format the date with provided format. Defaults to formatting the current UTC date with 'yyyymmddHHMMss' format.

                                                                                                      Parameter date

                                                                                                      Date object to format

                                                                                                      Parameter format

                                                                                                      dateformat compatible format

                                                                                                      Parameter utc

                                                                                                      if true, use UTC time, otherwise use local time zone properly formatted date string

                                                                                                    function formatReviewerError

                                                                                                    formatReviewerError: (err: ReviewerError) => slack.SlackMessage;

                                                                                                      function generateCommitMessageForAutofix

                                                                                                      generateCommitMessageForAutofix: (autofix: AutofixRegistration) => string;
                                                                                                      • Generate a commit message for the provided autofix.

                                                                                                        Parameter autofix



                                                                                                      function generatorCommand

                                                                                                      generatorCommand: <P>(
                                                                                                      sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                                                                      editorFactory: EditorFactory<P>,
                                                                                                      name: string,
                                                                                                      paramsMaker: Maker<P>,
                                                                                                      fallbackTarget: Maker<RepoCreationParameters>,
                                                                                                      startingPoint: StartingPoint<P>,
                                                                                                      details: Partial<GeneratorCommandDetails<any>>,
                                                                                                      cr: GeneratorRegistration<P>
                                                                                                      ) => HandleCommand;
                                                                                                      • Create a command handler for project generation

                                                                                                        Parameter sdm

                                                                                                        this machine or its options

                                                                                                        Parameter editorFactory

                                                                                                        to create editorCommand to perform transformation

                                                                                                        Parameter paramsMaker

                                                                                                        Parameter name

                                                                                                        Parameter details


                                                                                                      function generatorRegistrationToCommand

                                                                                                      generatorRegistrationToCommand: <P = any>(
                                                                                                      sdm: MachineOrMachineOptions,
                                                                                                      e: GeneratorRegistration<P>
                                                                                                      ) => Maker<HandleCommand<P>>;

                                                                                                        function getGoalDefinitionFrom

                                                                                                        getGoalDefinitionFrom: (
                                                                                                        goalDetails: FulfillableGoalDetails | string,
                                                                                                        uniqueName: string,
                                                                                                        definition?: GoalDefinition
                                                                                                        ) => { uniqueName: string } | PredicatedGoalDefinition;
                                                                                                        • Construct a PredicatedGoalDefinition from the provided goalDetails

                                                                                                          Parameter goalDetails

                                                                                                          Parameter uniqueName

                                                                                                          Parameter definition

                                                                                                        function gitBranchCompatible

                                                                                                        gitBranchCompatible: (name: string) => string;
                                                                                                        • Takes a potential git branch name and returns a legalised iteration of it

                                                                                                          Parameter name

                                                                                                          the git branch name to sanitise.

                                                                                                        function gitHubTeamVoter

                                                                                                        gitHubTeamVoter: (team?: string) => GoalApprovalRequestVoter;
                                                                                                        • Goal approval request vote implementation that checks for GitHub team membership of the person who is requesting the approval .

                                                                                                          Parameter team

                                                                                                        function given

                                                                                                        given: <V>(...givenPushTests: PushTest[]) => TreeContext<V>;
                                                                                                        • Simple DSL to create a decision tree. Trees and subtrees can compute variables as interim values for future use. Example usage, showing computed state:

                                                                                                          let count = 0; // Initialize a counter we'll use later
                                                                                                          const pm: PushMapping<Goals> = given<Goals>(TruePushTest, ...) // Use any push tests
                                                                                                          .init(() => count = 0) // Init to set state
                                                                                                          .itMeans("no frogs coming")
                                                                                                          given<Goals>(TruePushTest, ...).itMeans("case1")
                                                                                                          .compute(() => count++) // Increment the counter for this branch
                                                                                                          // Compute terminal rules
                                                                                                          whenPushSatisfies(count > 0, FalsePushTest).itMeans("nope").setGoals(NoGoals),

                                                                                                          Parameter givenPushTests

                                                                                                          PushTests interim DSL structure

                                                                                                        function goal

                                                                                                        goal: (
                                                                                                        details?: FulfillableGoalDetails,
                                                                                                        goalExecutor?: ExecuteGoal,
                                                                                                        options?: {
                                                                                                        pushTest?: PushTest;
                                                                                                        logInterpreter?: InterpretLog;
                                                                                                        progressReporter?: ReportProgress;
                                                                                                        plan?: (
                                                                                                        pli: StatefulPushListenerInvocation,
                                                                                                        goals: Goals
                                                                                                        ) => Promise<PlannedGoals | PlannedGoal>;
                                                                                                        ) => GoalWithFulfillment;
                                                                                                        • Creates a new GoalWithFulfillment instance using conventions if overwrites aren't provided

                                                                                                          Call this from your machine.ts where you configure your sdm to create a custom goal.

                                                                                                          Caution: if you wrap this in another function, then you MUST provide details.uniqueName, because the default is based on where in the code this goal function is called.

                                                                                                          Parameter details

                                                                                                          It is highly recommended that you supply at least uniqueName.

                                                                                                          Parameter goalExecutor

                                                                                                          Parameter options

                                                                                                        function goalContributors

                                                                                                        goalContributors: <F extends SdmContext = StatefulPushListenerInvocation<any>>(
                                                                                                        contributor: GoalContribution<F>,
                                                                                                        ...contributors: Array<GoalContribution<F>>
                                                                                                        ) => Mapping<F, Goals>;
                                                                                                        • Contribute goals based on a series of contribution rules.

                                                                                                          Instead of stopping at the first match, each push will get _all_ the goals it qualifies for.

                                                                                                          Duplicates will be removed.

                                                                                                          Parameter contributor

                                                                                                          first contributor

                                                                                                          Parameter contributors

                                                                                                          a mapping to goals

                                                                                                        function goalCorrespondsToSdmGoal

                                                                                                        goalCorrespondsToSdmGoal: (goal: Goal, sdmGoal: SdmGoalKey) => boolean;

                                                                                                          function goalData

                                                                                                          goalData: (sdmGoal: SdmGoalEvent) => any;
                                                                                                          • Read and parse goal event data. If the goal event has no data, return an empty object. Note: this purposely only works if the data field is stringified JSON.

                                                                                                            Parameter sdmGoal

                                                                                                            JSON parsed goal event data property

                                                                                                          function goalKeyEquals

                                                                                                          goalKeyEquals: (a: SdmGoalKey, b: SdmGoalKey) => boolean;

                                                                                                            function goalKeyString

                                                                                                            goalKeyString: (gk: SdmGoalKey) => string;

                                                                                                              function goals

                                                                                                              goals: (name: string) => Goals & GoalsBuilder;
                                                                                                              • Create Goals instance using a fluent API.

                                                                                                                const simpleGoals = goals("Simple Goals") .plan(CodeInspectionGoal) .plan(BuildGoal, Autofix).after(CodeInspectionGoal) .plan(StagingEndpointGoal).after(BuildGoal) .plan(ProductionDeploymentGoal).after(BuildGoal, StagingEndpointGoal);

                                                                                                                Parameter name


                                                                                                                {Goals & GoalsBuilder}

                                                                                                              function goalSetState

                                                                                                              goalSetState: (
                                                                                                              goals: Array<Pick<SdmGoalMessage, 'name' | 'state'>>
                                                                                                              ) => SdmGoalState;

                                                                                                                function goalTest

                                                                                                                goalTest: (
                                                                                                                name: string,
                                                                                                                goalMapping: (
                                                                                                                goal: SdmGoalEvent,
                                                                                                                pli: StatefulPushListenerInvocation
                                                                                                                ) => Promise<boolean>,
                                                                                                                pushTest?: PushTest
                                                                                                                ) => GoalTest;

                                                                                                                  function handleSdmGoalSetEvent

                                                                                                                  handleSdmGoalSetEvent: (
                                                                                                                  options: QueueOptions,
                                                                                                                  definition: GoalDefinition,
                                                                                                                  configuration: SoftwareDeliveryMachineConfiguration
                                                                                                                  ) => OnEvent<OnAnySdmGoalSetSubscription>;

                                                                                                                    function hasCommit

                                                                                                                    hasCommit: (test: RegExp) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                    • Push test that tests commit messages for a provided regular expression match

                                                                                                                    function hasFile

                                                                                                                    hasFile: (path: string) => PredicatePushTest;
                                                                                                                    • Return a PushTest testing for the existence of the given file

                                                                                                                      Parameter path


                                                                                                                    function hasFileContaining

                                                                                                                    hasFileContaining: (pattern: string | string[], content?: RegExp) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                    • Return a PushTest testing for the existence of the given file containing the pattern

                                                                                                                      Parameter path

                                                                                                                      Parameter pattern

                                                                                                                      regex to look for {PushTest}

                                                                                                                    function hasFileWithExtension

                                                                                                                    hasFileWithExtension: (extension: string) => PredicatePushTest;
                                                                                                                    • Is there at least one file with the given extension?

                                                                                                                      Parameter extension


                                                                                                                    function hasGoalSettingStructure

                                                                                                                    hasGoalSettingStructure: <F, V>(
                                                                                                                    m: Mapping<F, V>
                                                                                                                    ) => m is GoalSettingStructure<F, V>;

                                                                                                                      function hasPreconditions

                                                                                                                      hasPreconditions: (goal: Goal) => goal is GoalWithPrecondition;

                                                                                                                        function hasResourceProvider

                                                                                                                        hasResourceProvider: (
                                                                                                                        type: 'docker' | 'npm' | 'maven2',
                                                                                                                        name?: string
                                                                                                                        ) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                        • Return a PushTest that checks if a certain resource provider exists in the graph

                                                                                                                        function isBranch

                                                                                                                        isBranch: (re: RegExp) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                        • Return a push test that matches the repository branch against regular expression.

                                                                                                                          Parameter re

                                                                                                                          Regular expression to match against using RegExp.test() Push test performing the match

                                                                                                                        function isDeployEnabled

                                                                                                                        isDeployEnabled: (parameters: {
                                                                                                                        context: HandlerContext;
                                                                                                                        id: RepoRef;
                                                                                                                        }) => Promise<boolean>;

                                                                                                                          function isExplicableMapping

                                                                                                                          isExplicableMapping: <F, V>(
                                                                                                                          input: Mapping<F, V>
                                                                                                                          ) => input is ExplicableMapping<F, V, V>;

                                                                                                                            function isFailure

                                                                                                                            isFailure: (result: ExecuteGoalResult | void) => boolean;
                                                                                                                            • Assert if a given ExecuteGoalResult describe a failure result

                                                                                                                              Parameter result

                                                                                                                            function isGoal

                                                                                                                            isGoal: (options?: {
                                                                                                                            name?: string | RegExp;
                                                                                                                            state?: SdmGoalState;
                                                                                                                            output?: string | RegExp;
                                                                                                                            pushTest?: PushTest;
                                                                                                                            data?: string | RegExp;
                                                                                                                            }) => GoalTest;

                                                                                                                              function isGoalCanceled

                                                                                                                              isGoalCanceled: (sdmGoal: SdmGoalEvent, ctx: HandlerContext) => Promise<boolean>;
                                                                                                                              • Check if current goal is already canceled

                                                                                                                              function isGoalDefinition

                                                                                                                              isGoalDefinition: (f: Goal | GoalDefinition) => f is GoalDefinition;

                                                                                                                                function isGoalFulfillment

                                                                                                                                isGoalFulfillment: (g: {
                                                                                                                                fulfillment?: PlannedGoal['fulfillment'];
                                                                                                                                }) => g is { fulfillment: PlannedGoal['fulfillment'] };

                                                                                                                                  function isGoalImplementation

                                                                                                                                  isGoalImplementation: (f: GoalFulfillment) => f is GoalImplementation;

                                                                                                                                    function isGoals

                                                                                                                                    isGoals: (a: any) => a is Goals;

                                                                                                                                      function isGoalSideEffect

                                                                                                                                      isGoalSideEffect: (f: GoalFulfillment) => f is GoalSideEffect;

                                                                                                                                        function isImplementation

                                                                                                                                        isImplementation: (f: Fulfillment) => f is Implementation;

                                                                                                                                          function isLazyProjectLoader

                                                                                                                                          isLazyProjectLoader: (pl: ProjectLoader) => pl is LazyProjectLoader;

                                                                                                                                            function isMapping

                                                                                                                                            isMapping: (a: any) => a is Mapping<any, any>;

                                                                                                                                              function isMaterialChange

                                                                                                                                              isMaterialChange: (options?: MaterialChangeOptions) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                                              • Check if a Push represents a material change.

                                                                                                                                                Material changes are changes to files that should trigger certain activity or goals. Often simple changes to MD or html files should not trigger a full CI/CD process.

                                                                                                                                              function isPredicatedStaticValue

                                                                                                                                              isPredicatedStaticValue: <T>(
                                                                                                                                              pushMapping: PushMapping<T>
                                                                                                                                              ) => pushMapping is StaticPushMapping<T> & Predicated<PushListenerInvocation>;

                                                                                                                                                function isRepo

                                                                                                                                                isRepo: (re: RegExp) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                                                • Return a push test that matches the repository owner/repo slug against regular expression.

                                                                                                                                                  Parameter re

                                                                                                                                                  Regular expression to match against using RegExp.test() Push test performing the match

                                                                                                                                                function isRepoTargetingParameters

                                                                                                                                                isRepoTargetingParameters: (p: any) => p is RepoTargetingParameters;

                                                                                                                                                  function isSdmEnabled

                                                                                                                                                  isSdmEnabled: (name: string) => PushTest;
                                                                                                                                                  • Is this SDM enabled on the current project. Checks the .atomist/config.json at key sdm.enabled to see if the current SDM is listed.

                                                                                                                                                  function isSeedDrivenGeneratorParameters

                                                                                                                                                  isSeedDrivenGeneratorParameters: (p: any) => p is SeedDrivenGeneratorParameters;

                                                                                                                                                    function isSideEffect

                                                                                                                                                    isSideEffect: (