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npm i @aws-amplify/api
yarn add @aws-amplify/api
pnpm add @aws-amplify/api


Api category of aws-amplify



variable API

const API: APIClass;


    class APIClass

    class APIClass extends InternalAPIClass {}
    • Deprecated

      Use RestApi or GraphQLAPI to reduce your application bundle size Export Cloud Logic APIs

    method getModuleName

    getModuleName: () => string;

      method graphql

      graphql: <T>(
      options: GraphQLOptions,
      additionalHeaders?: { [key: string]: string }
      ) => T extends GraphQLQuery<T>
      ? Promise<GraphQLResult<T>>
      : T extends GraphQLSubscription<T>
      ? Observable<{
      provider: AWSAppSyncRealTimeProvider;
      value: GraphQLResult<T>;
      : Promise<GraphQLResult<any>> | Observable<object>;
      • Executes a GraphQL operation

        Parameter options

        GraphQL Options

        Parameter additionalHeaders

        headers to merge in after any graphql_headers set in the config


        An Observable if queryType is 'subscription', else a promise of the graphql result from the query.

      Type Aliases

      type GraphQLQuery

      type GraphQLQuery<T> = T & {
      readonly [queryType]: 'query';

        type GraphQLSubscription

        type GraphQLSubscription<T> = T & {
        readonly [queryType]: 'subscription';

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