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npm i @aws-sdk/middleware-user-agent
yarn add @aws-sdk/middleware-user-agent
pnpm add @aws-sdk/middleware-user-agent


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variable getUserAgentMiddlewareOptions

const getUserAgentMiddlewareOptions: any;


    function getUserAgentPlugin

    getUserAgentPlugin: (config: UserAgentResolvedConfig) => Pluggable<any, any>;

      function resolveUserAgentConfig

      resolveUserAgentConfig: <T>(
      input: T & PreviouslyResolved & UserAgentInputConfig
      ) => T & UserAgentResolvedConfig;

        function userAgentMiddleware

        userAgentMiddleware: (
        options: UserAgentResolvedConfig
        ) => <Output extends MetadataBearer>(
        next: BuildHandler<any, any>,
        context: HandlerExecutionContext
        ) => BuildHandler<any, any>;
        • Build user agent header sections from: 1. runtime-specific default user agent provider; 2. custom user agent from customUserAgent client config; 3. handler execution context set by internal SDK components; The built user agent will be set to x-amz-user-agent header for ALL the runtimes. Please note that any override to the user-agent or x-amz-user-agent header in the HTTP request is discouraged. Please use customUserAgent client config or middleware setting the userAgent context to generate desired user agent.


        interface UserAgentInputConfig

        interface UserAgentInputConfig {}
        • Modifiers

          • @public

        property customUserAgent

        customUserAgent?: string | UserAgent;
        • The custom user agent header that would be appended to default one

        interface UserAgentResolvedConfig

        interface UserAgentResolvedConfig {}

          property customUserAgent

          customUserAgent?: UserAgent;
          • The custom user agent header that would be appended to default one

          property runtime

          runtime: string;
          • The runtime environment

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