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npm i @babel/parser
yarn add @babel/parser
pnpm add @babel/parser


A JavaScript parser



variable tokTypes

const tokTypes: { [name: string]: any };


    function parse

    parse: (
    input: string,
    options?: ParserOptions
    ) => ParseResult<_babel_types.File>;
    • Parse the provided code as an entire ECMAScript program.

    function parseExpression

    parseExpression: (
    input: string,
    options?: ParserOptions
    ) => ParseResult<_babel_types.Expression>;
    • Parse the provided code as a single expression.


    interface DecoratorsPluginOptions

    interface DecoratorsPluginOptions {}

      property allowCallParenthesized

      allowCallParenthesized?: boolean;

        property decoratorsBeforeExport

        decoratorsBeforeExport?: boolean;

          interface FlowPluginOptions

          interface FlowPluginOptions {}

            property all

            all?: boolean;

              property enums

              enums?: boolean;

                interface ParseError

                interface ParseError {}

                  property code

                  code: string;

                    property reasonCode

                    reasonCode: string;

                      interface ParserOptions

                      interface ParserOptions {}

                        property allowAwaitOutsideFunction

                        allowAwaitOutsideFunction?: boolean;
                        • By default, await use is not allowed outside of an async function. Set this to true to accept such code.

                        property allowImportExportEverywhere

                        allowImportExportEverywhere?: boolean;
                        • By default, import and export declarations can only appear at a program's top level. Setting this option to true allows them anywhere where a statement is allowed.

                        property allowNewTargetOutsideFunction

                        allowNewTargetOutsideFunction?: boolean;
                        • By default, new.target use is not allowed outside of a function or class. Set this to true to accept such code.

                        property allowReturnOutsideFunction

                        allowReturnOutsideFunction?: boolean;
                        • By default, a return statement at the top level raises an error. Set this to true to accept such code.

                        property allowSuperOutsideMethod

                        allowSuperOutsideMethod?: boolean;

                          property allowUndeclaredExports

                          allowUndeclaredExports?: boolean;
                          • By default, exported identifiers must refer to a declared variable. Set this to true to allow export statements to reference undeclared variables.

                          property annexB

                          annexB?: boolean;
                          • By default, Babel parser JavaScript code according to Annex B syntax. Set this to false to disable such behavior.

                          property attachComment

                          attachComment?: boolean;
                          • By default, Babel attaches comments to adjacent AST nodes. When this option is set to false, comments are not attached. It can provide up to 30% performance improvement when the input code has many comments. @babel/eslint-parser will set it for you. It is not recommended to use attachComment: false with Babel transform, as doing so removes all the comments in output code, and renders annotations such as /* istanbul ignore next */ nonfunctional.

                          property createImportExpressions

                          createImportExpressions?: boolean;
                          • The default is false in Babel 7 and true in Babel 8 Set this to true to parse it as an ImportExpression node. Otherwise import(foo) is parsed as CallExpression(Import, [Identifier(foo)]).

                          property createParenthesizedExpressions

                          createParenthesizedExpressions?: boolean;
                          • By default, the parser adds information about parentheses by setting extra.parenthesized to true as needed. When this option is true the parser creates ParenthesizedExpression AST nodes instead of using the extra property.

                          property errorRecovery

                          errorRecovery?: boolean;
                          • By default, Babel always throws an error when it finds some invalid code. When this option is set to true, it will store the parsing error and try to continue parsing the invalid input file.

                          property plugins

                          plugins?: ParserPlugin[];
                          • Array containing the plugins that you want to enable.

                          property ranges

                          ranges?: boolean;
                          • Adds a ranges property to each node: [node.start, node.end]

                          property sourceFilename

                          sourceFilename?: string;
                          • Correlate output AST nodes with their source filename. Useful when generating code and source maps from the ASTs of multiple input files.

                          property sourceType

                          sourceType?: 'script' | 'module' | 'unambiguous';
                          • Indicate the mode the code should be parsed in. Can be one of "script", "module", or "unambiguous". Defaults to "script". "unambiguous" will make @babel/parser attempt to guess, based on the presence of ES6 import or export statements. Files with ES6 imports and exports are considered "module" and are otherwise "script".

                          property startColumn

                          startColumn?: number;
                          • By default, the parsed code is treated as if it starts from line 1, column 0. You can provide a column number to alternatively start with. Useful for integration with other source tools.

                          property startLine

                          startLine?: number;
                          • By default, the first line of code parsed is treated as line 1. You can provide a line number to alternatively start with. Useful for integration with other source tools.

                          property strictMode

                          strictMode?: boolean;
                          • Should the parser work in strict mode. Defaults to true if sourceType === 'module'. Otherwise, false.

                          property tokens

                          tokens?: boolean;
                          • Adds all parsed tokens to a tokens property on the File node.

                          interface PipelineOperatorPluginOptions

                          interface PipelineOperatorPluginOptions {}

                            property proposal

                            proposal: 'minimal' | 'fsharp' | 'hack' | 'smart';

                              property topicToken

                              topicToken?: '%' | '#' | '@@' | '^^' | '^';

                                interface RecordAndTuplePluginOptions

                                interface RecordAndTuplePluginOptions {}

                                  property syntaxType

                                  syntaxType: 'bar' | 'hash';

                                    interface TypeScriptPluginOptions

                                    interface TypeScriptPluginOptions {}

                                      property disallowAmbiguousJSXLike

                                      disallowAmbiguousJSXLike?: boolean;

                                        property dts

                                        dts?: boolean;

                                          Type Aliases

                                          type ParseResult

                                          type ParseResult<Result> = Result & {
                                          errors: ParseError[];

                                            type ParserPlugin

                                            type ParserPlugin = PluginConfig;

                                              type ParserPluginWithOptions

                                              type ParserPluginWithOptions =
                                              | ['decorators', DecoratorsPluginOptions]
                                              | ['estree', { classFeatures?: boolean }]
                                              | ['importAttributes', { deprecatedAssertSyntax: boolean }]
                                              // @deprecated
                                              | ['moduleAttributes', { version: 'may-2020' }]
                                              | ['optionalChainingAssign', { version: '2023-07' }]
                                              | ['pipelineOperator', PipelineOperatorPluginOptions]
                                              | ['recordAndTuple', RecordAndTuplePluginOptions]
                                              | ['flow', FlowPluginOptions]
                                              | ['typescript', TypeScriptPluginOptions];

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