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npm i @compodoc/compodoc
yarn add @compodoc/compodoc
pnpm add @compodoc/compodoc


The missing documentation tool for your Angular application



class Application

class Application {}


    constructor(options?: Object);
    • Create a new compodoc application instance.

      Parameter options

      An object containing the options that should be used.

    property application

    readonly application: Application;
    • Return the application / root component instance.

    property files

    files: string[];
    • Files processed during initial scanning

    property isCLI

    readonly isCLI: boolean;

      property isWatching

      isWatching: boolean;
      • Boolean for watching status {boolean}

      property prepareClasses

      prepareClasses: (someClasses?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

        property preparePipes

        preparePipes: (somePipes?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

          property updatedFiles

          updatedFiles: string[];
          • Files processed during watch scanning

          property watchChangedFiles

          watchChangedFiles: string[];
          • Files changed during watch scanning

          method clearUpdatedFiles

          clearUpdatedFiles: () => void;
          • Clear files for watch processing

          method generate

          protected generate: () => Promise<{}>;
          • Start compodoc process

          method hasWatchedFilesRootMarkdownFiles

          hasWatchedFilesRootMarkdownFiles: () => boolean;
          • Return a boolean indicating presence of one root markdown files in updatedFiles list {boolean} Result of scan

          method hasWatchedFilesTSFiles

          hasWatchedFilesTSFiles: () => boolean;
          • Return a boolean indicating presence of one TypeScript file in updatedFiles list {boolean} Result of scan

          method prepareComponents

          prepareComponents: (someComponents?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

            method prepareControllers

            prepareControllers: (someControllers?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

              method prepareCoverage

              prepareCoverage: () => Promise<unknown>;

                method prepareDirectives

                prepareDirectives: (someDirectives?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

                  method prepareGuards

                  prepareGuards: (someGuards?: any) => Promise<void>;

                    method prepareInjectables

                    prepareInjectables: (someInjectables?: any) => Promise<void>;

                      method prepareInterceptors

                      prepareInterceptors: (someInterceptors?: any) => Promise<void>;

                        method prepareInterfaces

                        prepareInterfaces: (someInterfaces?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

                          method prepareMiscellaneous

                          prepareMiscellaneous: (someMisc?: any) => Promise<unknown>;

                            method prepareModules

                            prepareModules: (someModules?: any) => Promise<any>;

                              method prepareRoutes

                              prepareRoutes: () => Promise<void>;

                                method prepareUnitTestCoverage

                                prepareUnitTestCoverage: () => Promise<unknown>;

                                  method processAdditionalPages

                                  processAdditionalPages: () => void;

                                    method processAssetsFolder

                                    processAssetsFolder: () => void;

                                      method processGraphs

                                      processGraphs: () => void;

                                        method processPages

                                        processPages: () => void;

                                          method processResources

                                          processResources: () => void;

                                            method runWatch

                                            runWatch: () => void;

                                              method runWebServer

                                              runWebServer: (folder: any) => void;

                                                method setFiles

                                                setFiles: (files: Array<string>) => void;
                                                • Store files for initial processing

                                                  Parameter files

                                                  Files found during source folder and tsconfig scan

                                                method setUpdatedFiles

                                                setUpdatedFiles: (files: Array<string>) => void;
                                                • Store files for watch processing

                                                  Parameter files

                                                  Files found during source folder and tsconfig scan

                                                method testCoverage

                                                protected testCoverage: () => void;
                                                • Start compodoc documentation coverage

                                                class CliApplication

                                                class CliApplication extends Application {}

                                                  method start

                                                  protected start: () => any;
                                                  • Run compodoc from the command line.

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