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npm i @ethersproject/bytes
yarn add @ethersproject/bytes
pnpm add @ethersproject/bytes


Bytes utility functions for ethers.



function arrayify

arrayify: (
value: BytesLike | Hexable | number,
options?: DataOptions
) => Uint8Array;

    function concat

    concat: (items: ReadonlyArray<BytesLike>) => Uint8Array;

      function hexConcat

      hexConcat: (items: ReadonlyArray<BytesLike>) => string;

        function hexDataLength

        hexDataLength: (data: BytesLike) => number;

          function hexDataSlice

          hexDataSlice: (data: BytesLike, offset: number, endOffset?: number) => string;

            function hexlify

            hexlify: (
            value: BytesLike | Hexable | number | bigint,
            options?: DataOptions
            ) => string;

              function hexStripZeros

              hexStripZeros: (value: BytesLike) => string;

                function hexValue

                hexValue: (value: BytesLike | Hexable | number | bigint) => string;

                  function hexZeroPad

                  hexZeroPad: (value: BytesLike, length: number) => string;

                    function isBytes

                    isBytes: (value: any) => value is Bytes;

                      function isBytesLike

                      isBytesLike: (value: any) => value is BytesLike;

                        function isHexString

                        isHexString: (value: any, length?: number) => boolean;

                          function joinSignature

                          joinSignature: (signature: SignatureLike) => string;

                            function splitSignature

                            splitSignature: (signature: SignatureLike) => Signature;

                              function stripZeros

                              stripZeros: (value: BytesLike) => Uint8Array;

                                function zeroPad

                                zeroPad: (value: BytesLike, length: number) => Uint8Array;


                                  interface Hexable

                                  interface Hexable {}

                                    method toHexString

                                    toHexString: () => string;

                                      interface Signature

                                      interface Signature {}

                                        property compact

                                        compact: string;

                                          property r

                                          r: string;

                                            property recoveryParam

                                            recoveryParam: number;

                                              property s

                                              s: string;

                                                property v

                                                v: number;

                                                  property yParityAndS

                                                  yParityAndS: string;

                                                    Type Aliases

                                                    type Bytes

                                                    type Bytes = ArrayLike<number>;

                                                      type BytesLike

                                                      type BytesLike = Bytes | string;

                                                        type DataOptions

                                                        type DataOptions = {
                                                        allowMissingPrefix?: boolean;
                                                        hexPad?: 'left' | 'right' | null;

                                                          type SignatureLike

                                                          type SignatureLike =
                                                          | {
                                                          r: string;
                                                          s?: string;
                                                          _vs?: string;
                                                          recoveryParam?: number;
                                                          v?: number;
                                                          | BytesLike;

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