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npm i @fullcalendar/daygrid
yarn add @fullcalendar/daygrid
pnpm add @fullcalendar/daygrid


Display events on Month view or DayGrid view



variable _default

const _default: _fullcalendar_common.PluginDef;


    function buildDayTableModel

    buildDayTableModel: (
    dateProfile: DateProfile,
    dateProfileGenerator: DateProfileGenerator
    ) => DayTableModel;


      class DayGridView

      class DayTableView extends TableView {}

        method render

        render: () => createElement.JSX.Element;

          class DayTable

          class DayTable extends DateComponent<DayTableProps, ViewContext> {}

            method render

            render: () => createElement.JSX.Element;

              class DayTableSlicer

              class DayTableSlicer extends Slicer<TableSeg, [DayTableModel]> {}

                property forceDayIfListItem

                forceDayIfListItem: boolean;

                  method sliceRange

                  sliceRange: (dateRange: DateRange, dayTableModel: DayTableModel) => TableSeg[];

                    class Table

                    class Table extends DateComponent<TableProps> {}

                      property handleRootEl

                      handleRootEl: (rootEl: HTMLElement | null) => void;

                        method prepareHits

                        prepareHits: () => void;

                          method queryHit

                          queryHit: (positionLeft: number, positionTop: number) => Hit;

                            method render

                            render: () => createElement.JSX.Element;

                              class TableView

                              abstract class TableView<State = Dictionary> extends DateComponent<
                              > {}

                                property headerElRef

                                protected headerElRef: RefObject<HTMLTableCellElement>;

                                  method renderHScrollLayout

                                  renderHScrollLayout: (
                                  headerRowContent: ChunkConfigRowContent,
                                  bodyContent: (contentArg: ChunkContentCallbackArgs) => VNode,
                                  colCnt: number,
                                  dayMinWidth: number
                                  ) => createElement.JSX.Element;

                                    method renderSimpleLayout

                                    renderSimpleLayout: (
                                    headerRowContent: ChunkConfigRowContent,
                                    bodyContent: (contentArg: ChunkContentCallbackArgs) => VNode
                                    ) => createElement.JSX.Element;


                                      interface TableSeg

                                      interface TableSeg extends Seg {}

                                        property firstCol

                                        firstCol: number;

                                          property lastCol

                                          lastCol: number;

                                            property row

                                            row: number;

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