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npm i @ionic-native/barcode-scanner
yarn add @ionic-native/barcode-scanner
pnpm add @ionic-native/barcode-scanner


Ionic Native - Native plugins for ionic apps



variable BarcodeScanner

const BarcodeScanner: BarcodeScannerOriginal;


    class BarcodeScannerOriginal

    class BarcodeScannerOriginal extends IonicNativePlugin {}
    • Barcode Scanner The Barcode Scanner Plugin opens a camera view and automatically scans a barcode, returning the data back to you.

      Requires Cordova plugin: phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner. For more info, please see the [BarcodeScanner plugin docs](https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner).

      import { BarcodeScanner } from '@ionic-native/barcode-scanner/ngx';
      constructor(private barcodeScanner: BarcodeScanner) { }
      this.barcodeScanner.scan().then(barcodeData => {
      console.log('Barcode data', barcodeData);
      }).catch(err => {
      console.log('Error', err);

      BarcodeScannerOptions BarcodeScanResult

    property Encode

    Encode: {
    TEXT_TYPE: string;
    EMAIL_TYPE: string;
    PHONE_TYPE: string;
    SMS_TYPE: string;

      method encode

      encode: (type: string, data: any) => Promise<any>;
      • Encodes data into a barcode. NOTE: not well supported on Android

        Parameter type

        Type of encoding

        Parameter data

        Data to encode



      method scan

      scan: (options?: BarcodeScannerOptions) => Promise<BarcodeScanResult>;
      • Open the barcode scanner.

        Parameter options

        Optional options to pass to the scanner


        {Promise} Returns a Promise that resolves with scanner data, or rejects with an error.


      interface BarcodeScannerOptions

      interface BarcodeScannerOptions {}

        property disableAnimations

        disableAnimations?: boolean;
        • Disable animations. Supported on iOS only.

        property disableSuccessBeep

        disableSuccessBeep?: boolean;
        • Disable success beep. Supported on iOS only.

        property formats

        formats?: string;
        • Formats separated by commas. Defaults to all formats except PDF_417 and RSS_EXPANDED.

        property orientation

        orientation?: string;
        • Orientation. Supported on Android only. Can be set to portrait or landscape. Defaults to none so the user can rotate the phone and pick an orientation.

        property preferFrontCamera

        preferFrontCamera?: boolean;
        • Prefer front camera. Supported on iOS and Android.

        property prompt

        prompt?: string;
        • Prompt text. Supported on Android only.

        property resultDisplayDuration

        resultDisplayDuration?: number;
        • Display scanned text for X ms. 0 suppresses it entirely, default 1500. Supported on Android only.

        property saveHistory

        saveHistory?: boolean;
        • Save scan history. Defaults to false. Supported on Android only.

        property showFlipCameraButton

        showFlipCameraButton?: boolean;
        • Show flip camera button. Supported on iOS and Android.

        property showTorchButton

        showTorchButton?: boolean;
        • Show torch button. Supported on iOS and Android.

        property torchOn

        torchOn?: boolean;
        • Launch with the torch switched on (if available). Supported on Android only.

        interface BarcodeScanResult

        interface BarcodeScanResult {}

          property cancelled

          cancelled: boolean;

            property format

            | 'QR_CODE'
            | 'DATA_MATRIX'
            | 'UPC_E'
            | 'UPC_A'
            | 'EAN_8'
            | 'EAN_13'
            | 'CODE_128'
            | 'CODE_39'
            | 'CODE_93'
            | 'CODABAR'
            | 'ITF'
            | 'RSS14'
            | 'RSS_EXPANDED'
            | 'PDF_417'
            | 'AZTEC'
            | 'MSI';

              property text

              text: string;

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