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npm i @jest/core
yarn add @jest/core
pnpm add @jest/core


Delightful JavaScript Testing.



function createTestScheduler

createTestScheduler: (
globalConfig: any,
options: TestSchedulerOptions,
context: TestSchedulerContext
) => Promise<TestScheduler>;

    function getVersion

    getVersion: () => string;
    • Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.

      This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

    function runCLI

    runCLI: (
    argv: any,
    projects: Array<Config.Path>
    ) => Promise<{ results: AggregatedResult; globalConfig: Config.GlobalConfig }>;


      class SearchSource

      class SearchSource {}


        constructor(context: any);

          method findMatchingTests

          findMatchingTests: (testPathPattern?: string) => SearchResult;

            method findRelatedSourcesFromTestsInChangedFiles

            findRelatedSourcesFromTestsInChangedFiles: (
            changedFilesInfo: any
            ) => Promise<Array<string>>;

              method findRelatedTests

              findRelatedTests: (
              allPaths: Set<Config.Path>,
              collectCoverage: boolean
              ) => Promise<SearchResult>;

                method findRelatedTestsFromPattern

                findRelatedTestsFromPattern: (
                paths: Array<Config.Path>,
                collectCoverage: boolean
                ) => Promise<SearchResult>;

                  method findTestRelatedToChangedFiles

                  findTestRelatedToChangedFiles: (
                  changedFilesInfo: any,
                  collectCoverage: boolean
                  ) => Promise<SearchResult>;

                    method findTestsByPaths

                    findTestsByPaths: (paths: Array<Config.Path>) => SearchResult;

                      method getTestPaths

                      getTestPaths: (
                      globalConfig: any,
                      changedFiles: ChangedFiles | undefined,
                      filter?: Filter
                      ) => Promise<SearchResult>;

                        method isTestFilePath

                        isTestFilePath: (path: any) => boolean;

                          class TestWatcher

                          class TestWatcher extends emittery<{
                          change: State;
                          }> {}


                            constructor({ isWatchMode }: { isWatchMode: boolean });

                              property state

                              state: State;

                                method isInterrupted

                                isInterrupted: () => boolean;

                                  method isWatchMode

                                  isWatchMode: () => boolean;

                                    method setState

                                    setState: (state: State) => Promise<void>;

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