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npm i @jest/globals
yarn add @jest/globals
pnpm add @jest/globals


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variable afterAll

const afterAll: Global.GlobalAdditions;

    variable afterEach

    const afterEach: Global.GlobalAdditions;

      variable beforeAll

      const beforeAll: Global.GlobalAdditions;

        variable beforeEach

        const beforeEach: Global.GlobalAdditions;

          variable describe

          const describe: Global.GlobalAdditions;

            variable expect

            const expect: JestExpect;

              variable fdescribe

              const fdescribe: Global.GlobalAdditions;

                variable fit

                const fit: Global.GlobalAdditions;

                  variable it

                  const it: Global.GlobalAdditions;

                    variable jest

                    const jest: Jest;

                      variable test

                      const test: Global.GlobalAdditions;

                        variable xdescribe

                        const xdescribe: Global.GlobalAdditions;

                          variable xit

                          const xit: Global.GlobalAdditions;

                            variable xtest

                            const xtest: Global.GlobalAdditions;


                              namespace jest

                              namespace jest {}

                                type Mock

                                type Mock<T extends FunctionLike = UnknownFunction> = JestMock<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a mock function, e.g. the return type of jest.fn().

                                type Mocked

                                type Mocked<T extends object> = JestMocked<T>;
                                • Wraps a class, function or object type with Jest mock type definitions.

                                type MockedClass

                                type MockedClass<T extends ClassLike> = JestMockedClass<T>;
                                • Wraps a class type with Jest mock type definitions.

                                type MockedFunction

                                type MockedFunction<T extends FunctionLike> = JestMockedFunction<T>;
                                • Wraps a function type with Jest mock type definitions.

                                type MockedObject

                                type MockedObject<T extends object> = JestMockedObject<T>;
                                • Wraps an object type with Jest mock type definitions.

                                type Replaced

                                type Replaced<T> = JestReplaced<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a replaced property.

                                type Spied

                                type Spied<T extends ClassLike | FunctionLike> = JestSpied<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a spied class or function.

                                type SpiedClass

                                type SpiedClass<T extends ClassLike> = JestSpiedClass<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a spied class.

                                type SpiedFunction

                                type SpiedFunction<T extends FunctionLike> = JestSpiedFunction<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a spied function.

                                type SpiedGetter

                                type SpiedGetter<T> = JestSpiedGetter<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a spied getter.

                                type SpiedSetter

                                type SpiedSetter<T> = JestSpiedSetter<T>;
                                • Constructs the type of a spied setter.

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