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npm i @jest/test-sequencer
yarn add @jest/test-sequencer
pnpm add @jest/test-sequencer


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class TestSequencer

class TestSequencer {}
  • The TestSequencer will ultimately decide which tests should run first. It is responsible for storing and reading from a local cache map that stores context information for a given test, such as how long it took to run during the last run and if it has failed or not. Such information is used on: TestSequencer.sort(tests: Array) to sort the order of the provided tests.

    After the results are collected, TestSequencer.cacheResults(tests: Array, results: AggregatedResult) is called to store/update this information on the cache map.

method allFailedTests

allFailedTests: (tests: Array<Test>) => Array<Test>;

    method cacheResults

    cacheResults: (tests: Array<Test>, results: any) => void;

      method sort

      sort: (tests: Array<Test>) => Array<Test>;
      • Sorting tests is very important because it has a great impact on the user-perceived responsiveness and speed of the test run.

        If such information is on cache, tests are sorted based on: -> Has it failed during the last run ? Since it's important to provide the most expected feedback as quickly as possible. -> How long it took to run ? Because running long tests first is an effort to minimize worker idle time at the end of a long test run. And if that information is not available they are sorted based on file size since big test files usually take longer to complete.

        Note that a possible improvement would be to analyse other information from the file other than its size.

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