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npm i @nestjs/cli
yarn add @nestjs/cli
pnpm add @nestjs/cli


Nest - modern, fast, powerful node.js web framework (@cli)



function exit

exit: () => never;

    function retrieveCols

    retrieveCols: () => number;


      class AbstractAction

      abstract class AbstractAction {}

        method handle

        abstract handle: (
        inputs?: Input[],
        options?: Input[],
        extraFlags?: string[]
        ) => Promise<void>;

          class AddAction

          class AddAction extends AbstractAction {}

            method handle

            handle: (
            inputs: Input[],
            options: Input[],
            extraFlags: string[]
            ) => Promise<void>;

              class BuildAction

              class BuildAction extends AbstractAction {}

                property assetsManager

                protected readonly assetsManager: AssetsManager;

                  property fileSystemReader

                  protected readonly fileSystemReader: FileSystemReader;

                    property loader

                    protected readonly loader: ConfigurationLoader;

                      property pluginsLoader

                      protected readonly pluginsLoader: PluginsLoader;

                        property tsConfigProvider

                        protected readonly tsConfigProvider: TsConfigProvider;

                          property tsLoader

                          protected readonly tsLoader: TypeScriptBinaryLoader;

                            property workspaceUtils

                            protected readonly workspaceUtils: WorkspaceUtils;

                              method handle

                              handle: (commandInputs: Input[], commandOptions: Input[]) => Promise<void>;

                                method runBuild

                                runBuild: (
                                commandInputs: Input[],
                                commandOptions: Input[],
                                watchMode: boolean,
                                watchAssetsMode: boolean,
                                isDebugEnabled?: boolean,
                                onSuccess?: () => void
                                ) => Promise<void>;

                                  class GenerateAction

                                  class GenerateAction extends AbstractAction {}

                                    method handle

                                    handle: (inputs: Input[], options: Input[]) => Promise<void>;

                                      class InfoAction

                                      class InfoAction extends AbstractAction {}

                                        method buildNestVersionsMessage

                                        buildNestVersionsMessage: (
                                        dependencies: PackageJsonDependencies
                                        ) => NestDependency[];

                                          method buildNestVersionsWarningMessage

                                          buildNestVersionsWarningMessage: (
                                          nestDependencies: NestDependency[]
                                          ) => NestDependencyWarnings;

                                            method collectNestDependencies

                                            collectNestDependencies: (
                                            dependencies: PackageJsonDependencies
                                            ) => NestDependency[];

                                              method displayCliVersion

                                              displayCliVersion: () => void;

                                                method displayNestInformation

                                                displayNestInformation: () => Promise<void>;

                                                  method displayNestInformationFromPackage

                                                  displayNestInformationFromPackage: () => Promise<void>;

                                                    method displayNestVersions

                                                    displayNestVersions: (dependencies: PackageJsonDependencies) => void;

                                                      method displayPackageManagerVersion

                                                      displayPackageManagerVersion: () => Promise<void>;

                                                        method displayWarningMessage

                                                        displayWarningMessage: (nestDependencies: NestDependency[]) => void;

                                                          method format

                                                          format: (dependencies: NestDependency[]) => NestDependency[];

                                                            method handle

                                                            handle: () => Promise<void>;

                                                              method readProjectPackageDependencies

                                                              readProjectPackageDependencies: () => PackageJsonDependencies;

                                                                method rightPad

                                                                rightPad: (name: string, length: number) => string;

                                                                  class NewAction

                                                                  class NewAction extends AbstractAction {}

                                                                    method handle

                                                                    handle: (inputs: Input[], options: Input[]) => Promise<void>;

                                                                      class StartAction

                                                                      class StartAction extends BuildAction {}

                                                                        method createOnSuccessHook

                                                                        createOnSuccessHook: (
                                                                        entryFile: string,
                                                                        sourceRoot: string,
                                                                        debugFlag: boolean | string | undefined,
                                                                        outDirName: string,
                                                                        binaryToRun: string
                                                                        ) => () => void;

                                                                          method handle

                                                                          handle: (commandInputs: Input[], commandOptions: Input[]) => Promise<void>;

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