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npm i @nestjs/platform-express
yarn add @nestjs/platform-express
pnpm add @nestjs/platform-express


Nest - modern, fast, powerful node.js web framework (@platform-express)



function AnyFilesInterceptor

AnyFilesInterceptor: (localOptions?: MulterOptions) => Type<NestInterceptor>;
  • Parameter localOptions

function FileFieldsInterceptor

FileFieldsInterceptor: (
uploadFields: MulterField[],
localOptions?: MulterOptions
) => Type<NestInterceptor>;
  • Parameter uploadFields

    Parameter localOptions

function FileInterceptor

FileInterceptor: (
fieldName: string,
localOptions?: MulterOptions
) => Type<NestInterceptor>;
  • Parameter fieldName

    Parameter localOptions

function FilesInterceptor

FilesInterceptor: (
fieldName: string,
maxCount?: number,
localOptions?: MulterOptions
) => Type<NestInterceptor>;
  • Parameter fieldName

    Parameter maxCount

    Parameter localOptions

function NoFilesInterceptor

NoFilesInterceptor: (localOptions?: MulterOptions) => Type<NestInterceptor>;
  • Parameter localOptions


class ExpressAdapter

class ExpressAdapter extends AbstractHttpAdapter<http.Server | https.Server> {}


constructor(instance?: any);

    method applyVersionFilter

    applyVersionFilter: (
    handler: Function,
    version: VersionValue,
    versioningOptions: VersioningOptions
    ) => VersionedRoute;

      method close

      close: () => Promise<unknown>;

        method createMiddlewareFactory

        createMiddlewareFactory: (
        requestMethod: RequestMethod
        ) => (path: string, callback: Function) => any;

          method disable

          disable: (...args: any[]) => any;

            method enable

            enable: (...args: any[]) => any;

              method enableCors

              enableCors: (options: CorsOptions | CorsOptionsDelegate<any>) => any;

                method end

                end: (response: any, message?: string) => any;

                  method engine

                  engine: (...args: any[]) => any;

                    method getRequestHostname

                    getRequestHostname: (request: any) => string;

                      method getRequestMethod

                      getRequestMethod: (request: any) => string;

                        method getRequestUrl

                        getRequestUrl: (request: any) => string;

                          method getType

                          getType: () => string;

                            method initHttpServer

                            initHttpServer: (options: NestApplicationOptions) => void;

                              method isHeadersSent

                              isHeadersSent: (response: any) => boolean;

                                method listen

                                listen: {
                                (port: string | number, callback?: () => void): Server;
                                (port: string | number, hostname: string, callback?: () => void): Server;

                                  method redirect

                                  redirect: (response: any, statusCode: number, url: string) => any;

                                    method registerParserMiddleware

                                    registerParserMiddleware: (prefix?: string, rawBody?: boolean) => void;

                                      method render

                                      render: (response: any, view: string, options: any) => any;

                                        method reply

                                        reply: (response: any, body: any, statusCode?: number) => any;

                                          method set

                                          set: (...args: any[]) => any;

                                            method setBaseViewsDir

                                            setBaseViewsDir: (path: string | string[]) => any;

                                              method setErrorHandler

                                              setErrorHandler: (handler: Function, prefix?: string) => any;

                                                method setHeader

                                                setHeader: (response: any, name: string, value: string) => any;

                                                  method setLocal

                                                  setLocal: (key: string, value: any) => this;

                                                    method setNotFoundHandler

                                                    setNotFoundHandler: (handler: Function, prefix?: string) => any;

                                                      method setViewEngine

                                                      setViewEngine: (engine: string) => any;

                                                        method status

                                                        status: (response: any, statusCode: number) => any;

                                                          method useBodyParser

                                                          useBodyParser: <Options = NestExpressBodyParserOptions>(
                                                          type: NestExpressBodyParserType,
                                                          rawBody: boolean,
                                                          options?: Omit<Options, 'verify'>
                                                          ) => this;

                                                            method useStaticAssets

                                                            useStaticAssets: (path: string, options: ServeStaticOptions) => any;

                                                              class MulterModule

                                                              class MulterModule {}

                                                              method register

                                                              static register: (options?: MulterModuleOptions) => DynamicModule;

                                                                method registerAsync

                                                                static registerAsync: (options: MulterModuleAsyncOptions) => DynamicModule;


                                                                  interface MulterModuleAsyncOptions

                                                                  interface MulterModuleAsyncOptions extends Pick<ModuleMetadata, 'imports'> {}

                                                                  property inject

                                                                  inject?: any[];

                                                                    property useClass

                                                                    useClass?: Type<MulterOptionsFactory>;

                                                                      property useExisting

                                                                      useExisting?: Type<MulterOptionsFactory>;

                                                                        property useFactory

                                                                        useFactory?: (
                                                                        ...args: any[]
                                                                        ) => Promise<MulterModuleOptions> | MulterModuleOptions;

                                                                          interface MulterOptionsFactory

                                                                          interface MulterOptionsFactory {}

                                                                          method createMulterOptions

                                                                          createMulterOptions: () => Promise<MulterModuleOptions> | MulterModuleOptions;

                                                                            interface NestExpressApplication

                                                                            interface NestExpressApplication<
                                                                            TServer extends CoreHttpServer | CoreHttpsServer = CoreHttpServer
                                                                            > extends INestApplication<TServer> {}
                                                                            • Interface describing methods on NestExpressApplication.

                                                                              See Also

                                                                              • [Platform](https://docs.nestjs.com/first-steps#platform)

                                                                            method disable

                                                                            disable: (...args: any[]) => this;
                                                                            • A wrapper function around native express.disable() method.



                                                                              Example 1


                                                                            method enable

                                                                            enable: (...args: any[]) => this;
                                                                            • A wrapper function around native express.enable() method.



                                                                              Example 1


                                                                            method engine

                                                                            engine: (...args: any[]) => this;
                                                                            • A wrapper function around native express.engine() method.



                                                                              Example 1

                                                                              app.engine('mustache', mustacheExpress())

                                                                            method getHttpAdapter

                                                                            getHttpAdapter: () => HttpServer<Express.Request, Express.Response, Express>;
                                                                            • Returns the underlying HTTP adapter bounded to the Express.js app.



                                                                            method listen

                                                                            listen: {
                                                                            (port: number | string, callback?: () => void): Promise<TServer>;
                                                                            port: string | number,
                                                                            hostname: string,
                                                                            callback?: () => void
                                                                            ): Promise<TServer>;
                                                                            • Starts the application.

                                                                              Parameter port

                                                                              Parameter hostname

                                                                              Parameter callback

                                                                              Optional callback


                                                                              {Promise} A Promise that, when resolved, is a reference to the underlying HttpServer.

                                                                            method set

                                                                            set: (...args: any[]) => this;
                                                                            • A wrapper function around native express.set() method.



                                                                              Example 1

                                                                              app.set('trust proxy', 'loopback')

                                                                            method setBaseViewsDir

                                                                            setBaseViewsDir: (path: string | string[]) => this;
                                                                            • Sets one or multiple base directories for templates (views).



                                                                              Example 1


                                                                            method setLocal

                                                                            setLocal: (key: string, value: any) => this;
                                                                            • Sets app-level globals for view templates.



                                                                              Example 1

                                                                              app.setLocal('title', 'My Site')

                                                                              See Also

                                                                              • https://expressjs.com/en/4x/api.html#app.locals

                                                                            method setViewEngine

                                                                            setViewEngine: (engine: string) => this;
                                                                            • Sets a view engine for templates (views).



                                                                              Example 1


                                                                            method useBodyParser

                                                                            useBodyParser: <Options = NestExpressBodyParserOptions>(
                                                                            parser: NestExpressBodyParserType,
                                                                            options?: Omit<Options, 'verify'>
                                                                            ) => this;
                                                                            • Register Express body parsers on the fly. Will respect the application's rawBody option.



                                                                              Example 1

                                                                              const app = await NestFactory.create( AppModule, { rawBody: true } ); app.useBodyParser('json', { limit: '50mb' });

                                                                            method useStaticAssets

                                                                            useStaticAssets: {
                                                                            (options: ServeStaticOptions): this;
                                                                            (path: string, options?: ServeStaticOptions): this;
                                                                            • Sets a base directory for public assets.



                                                                              Example 1


                                                                            interface NestExpressBodyParserOptions

                                                                            interface NestExpressBodyParserOptions {}
                                                                            • Type alias to keep compatibility with @types/body-parser

                                                                              See Also

                                                                              • https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/blob/dcd1673c4fa18a15ea8cd8ff8af7d563bb6dc8e6/types/body-parser/index.d.ts#L48-L66#L48-L66

                                                                            property inflate

                                                                            inflate?: boolean | undefined;
                                                                            • When set to true, then deflated (compressed) bodies will be inflated; when false, deflated bodies are rejected. Defaults to true.

                                                                            property limit

                                                                            limit?: number | string | undefined;
                                                                            • Controls the maximum request body size. If this is a number, then the value specifies the number of bytes; if it is a string, the value is passed to the bytes library for parsing. Defaults to '100kb'.

                                                                            property type

                                                                            type?: string | string[] | ((req: IncomingMessage) => any) | undefined;
                                                                            • The type option is used to determine what media type the middleware will parse

                                                                            index signature

                                                                            [key: string]: unknown;

                                                                              Type Aliases

                                                                              type MulterModuleOptions

                                                                              type MulterModuleOptions = MulterOptions;

                                                                                type NestExpressBodyParserType

                                                                                type NestExpressBodyParserType = 'json' | 'urlencoded' | 'text' | 'raw';
                                                                                • Interface defining possible body parser types, to be used with NestExpressApplication.useBodyParser().

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