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npm i @nestjs/testing
yarn add @nestjs/testing
pnpm add @nestjs/testing


Nest - modern, fast, powerful node.js web framework (@testing)



class Test

class Test {}

    method createTestingModule

    static createTestingModule: (metadata: ModuleMetadata) => TestingModuleBuilder;

      class TestingModule

      class TestingModule extends NestApplicationContext {}


      container: NestContainer,
      graphInspector: GraphInspector,
      contextModule: Module,
      applicationConfig: ApplicationConfig,
      scope?: Type<any>[]

        property graphInspector

        protected readonly graphInspector: GraphInspector;

          method createNestApplication

          createNestApplication: {
          <T extends INestApplication = INestApplication>(
          httpAdapter: HttpServer | AbstractHttpAdapter,
          options?: NestApplicationOptions
          ): T;
          <T extends INestApplication = INestApplication>(
          options?: NestApplicationOptions
          ): T;

            method createNestMicroservice

            createNestMicroservice: <T extends object>(
            options: NestMicroserviceOptions & T
            ) => INestMicroservice;

              class TestingModuleBuilder

              class TestingModuleBuilder {}


              constructor(metadataScanner: MetadataScanner, metadata: ModuleMetadata);

                method compile

                compile: (
                options?: Pick<NestApplicationContextOptions, 'snapshot' | 'preview'>
                ) => Promise<TestingModule>;

                  method overrideFilter

                  overrideFilter: <T = any>(typeOrToken: T) => OverrideBy;

                    method overrideGuard

                    overrideGuard: <T = any>(typeOrToken: T) => OverrideBy;

                      method overrideInterceptor

                      overrideInterceptor: <T = any>(typeOrToken: T) => OverrideBy;

                        method overrideModule

                        overrideModule: (moduleToOverride: ModuleDefinition) => OverrideModule;

                          method overridePipe

                          overridePipe: <T = any>(typeOrToken: T) => OverrideBy;

                            method overrideProvider

                            overrideProvider: <T = any>(typeOrToken: T) => OverrideBy;

                              method setLogger

                              setLogger: (testingLogger: LoggerService) => this;

                                method useMocker

                                useMocker: (mocker: MockFactory) => TestingModuleBuilder;


                                  interface OverrideBy

                                  interface OverrideBy {}

                                  property useClass

                                  useClass: (metatype: any) => TestingModuleBuilder;

                                    property useFactory

                                    useFactory: (options: OverrideByFactoryOptions) => TestingModuleBuilder;

                                      property useValue

                                      useValue: (value: any) => TestingModuleBuilder;

                                        interface OverrideByFactoryOptions

                                        interface OverrideByFactoryOptions {}

                                        property factory

                                        factory: (...args: any[]) => any;

                                          property inject

                                          inject?: any[];

                                            Type Aliases

                                            type MockFactory

                                            type MockFactory = (token?: InjectionToken) => any;

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