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npm i @nestjs/websockets
yarn add @nestjs/websockets
pnpm add @nestjs/websockets


Nest - modern, fast, powerful node.js web framework (@websockets)



function ConnectedSocket

ConnectedSocket: () => ParameterDecorator;

function MessageBody

MessageBody: {
(): ParameterDecorator;
(...pipes: any[]): ParameterDecorator;
(propertyKey: string, ...pipes: any[]): ParameterDecorator;
  • WebSockets message body parameter decorator.

  • WebSockets message body parameter decorator.


    create(@MessageBody(new ValidationPipe()) createDto: CreateCatDto)

    Parameter pipes

    one or more pipes - either instances or classes - to apply to the bound parameter.

  • WebSockets message body parameter decorator. Extracts a property from the message payload object. May also apply pipes to the bound parameter.

    For example, extracting all params:

    findMany(@MessageBody() ids: string[])

    For example, extracting a single param:

    create(@MessageBody('data') createDto: { data: string })

    For example, extracting a single param with pipe:

    create(@MessageBody('data', new ValidationPipe()) createDto: { data: string })

    Parameter propertyKey

    name of single property to extract from the message payload

    Parameter pipes

    one or more pipes - either instances or classes - to apply to the bound parameter.

function SubscribeMessage

SubscribeMessage: <T = string>(message: T) => MethodDecorator;
  • Subscribes to messages that fulfils chosen pattern.

function WebSocketGateway

WebSocketGateway: {
(port?: number): ClassDecorator;
<T extends Record<string, any> = GatewayMetadata>(options?: T): ClassDecorator;
<T extends Record<string, any> = GatewayMetadata>(
port?: number,
options?: T
): ClassDecorator;
  • Decorator that marks a class as a Nest gateway that enables real-time, bidirectional and event-based communication between the browser and the server.

function WebSocketServer

WebSocketServer: () => PropertyDecorator;
  • Attaches native Web Socket Server to a given property.


class AbstractWsAdapter

abstract class AbstractWsAdapter<
TServer extends BaseWsInstance = any,
TClient extends BaseWsInstance = any,
TOptions = any
> implements WebSocketAdapter<TServer, TClient, TOptions> {}


    constructor(appOrHttpServer?: any);

      property httpServer

      protected readonly httpServer: any;

        method bindClientConnect

        bindClientConnect: (server: TServer, callback: Function) => void;

          method bindClientDisconnect

          bindClientDisconnect: (client: TClient, callback: Function) => void;

            method bindMessageHandlers

            abstract bindMessageHandlers: (
            client: TClient,
            handlers: WsMessageHandler[],
            transform: (data: any) => Observable<any>
            ) => any;

              method close

              close: (server: TServer) => Promise<void>;

                method create

                abstract create: (port: number, options?: TOptions) => TServer;

                  method dispose

                  dispose: () => Promise<void>;

                    class BaseWsExceptionFilter

                    class BaseWsExceptionFilter<TError = any> implements WsExceptionFilter<TError> {}

                    method catch

                    catch: (exception: TError, host: ArgumentsHost) => void;

                      method handleError

                      handleError: <TClient extends { emit: Function }>(
                      client: TClient,
                      exception: TError
                      ) => void;

                        method handleUnknownError

                        handleUnknownError: <TClient extends { emit: Function }>(
                        exception: TError,
                        client: TClient
                        ) => void;

                          method isExceptionObject

                          isExceptionObject: (err: any) => err is Error;

                            class WsException

                            class WsException extends Error {}


                              constructor(error: string | object);

                                method getError

                                getError: () => string | object;

                                  method initMessage

                                  initMessage: () => void;


                                    interface BaseWsInstance

                                    interface BaseWsInstance {}

                                      property close

                                      close: Function;

                                        property on

                                        on: (event: string, callback: Function) => void;

                                          interface GatewayMetadata

                                          interface GatewayMetadata {}
                                          • External interface

                                            See Also

                                            • https://github.com/socketio/socket.io/blob/master/lib/index.ts

                                          property adapter

                                          adapter?: any;
                                          • The adapter to use the in-memory adapter (https://github.com/socketio/socket.io-adapter)

                                          property allowEIO3

                                          allowEIO3?: boolean;
                                          • Whether to enable compatibility with Socket.IO v2 clients false

                                          property allowRequest

                                          allowRequest?: (
                                          req: any,
                                          fn: (err: string | null | undefined, success: boolean) => void
                                          ) => void;
                                          • A function that receives a given handshake or upgrade request as its first parameter, and can decide whether to continue or not. The second argument is a function that needs to be called with the decided information: fn(err, success), where success is a boolean value where false means that the request is rejected, and err is an error code.

                                          property allowUpgrades

                                          allowUpgrades?: boolean;
                                          • Whether to allow transport upgrades true

                                          property connectTimeout

                                          connectTimeout?: number;
                                          • How many ms before a client without namespace is closed 45_000

                                          property cookie

                                          cookie?: any | boolean;
                                          • Configuration of the cookie that contains the client sid to send as part of handshake response headers. This cookie might be used for sticky-session. Defaults to not sending any cookie. false

                                          property cors

                                          cors?: CorsOptions;
                                          • The options that will be forwarded to the cors module

                                          property destroyUpgrade

                                          destroyUpgrade?: boolean;
                                          • Destroy unhandled upgrade requests true

                                          property destroyUpgradeTimeout

                                          destroyUpgradeTimeout?: number;
                                          • Milliseconds after which unhandled requests are ended 1_000

                                          property httpCompression

                                          httpCompression?: boolean | object;
                                          • Parameters of the http compression for the polling transports (see zlib api docs). Set to false to disable. true

                                          property initialPacket

                                          initialPacket?: any;
                                          • An optional packet which will be concatenated to the handshake packet emitted by Engine.IO.

                                          property maxHttpBufferSize

                                          maxHttpBufferSize?: number;
                                          • How many bytes or characters a message can be, before closing the session (to avoid DoS). 1e6 (1 MB)

                                          property namespace

                                          namespace?: string | RegExp;
                                          • The name of a namespace

                                          property parser

                                          parser?: any;
                                          • The parser to use the default parser (https://github.com/socketio/socket.io-parser)

                                          property path

                                          path?: string;
                                          • Name of the path to capture "/socket.io"

                                          property perMessageDeflate

                                          perMessageDeflate?: boolean | object;
                                          • Parameters of the WebSocket permessage-deflate extension (see ws module api docs). Set to false to disable. false

                                          property pingInterval

                                          pingInterval?: number;
                                          • How many ms before sending a new ping packet 25_000

                                          property pingTimeout

                                          pingTimeout?: number;
                                          • How many ms without a pong packet to consider the connection closed 20_000

                                          property serveClient

                                          serveClient?: boolean;
                                          • Whether to serve the client files true

                                          property transports

                                          transports?: Array<'polling' | 'websocket'>;
                                          • The low-level transports that are enabled ["polling", "websocket"]

                                          property upgradeTimeout

                                          upgradeTimeout?: number;
                                          • How many ms before an uncompleted transport upgrade is cancelled 10_000

                                          property wsEngine

                                          wsEngine?: string;
                                          • What WebSocket server implementation to use. Specified module must conform to the ws interface (see ws module api docs). Default value is ws. An alternative c++ addon is also available by installing uws module.

                                          interface MessageMappingProperties

                                          interface MessageMappingProperties {}

                                            property callback

                                            callback: (...args: any[]) => Observable<any> | Promise<any> | any;

                                              property message

                                              message: any;

                                                property methodName

                                                methodName: string;

                                                  interface OnGatewayConnection

                                                  interface OnGatewayConnection<T = any> {}

                                                  method handleConnection

                                                  handleConnection: (client: T, ...args: any[]) => any;

                                                    interface OnGatewayDisconnect

                                                    interface OnGatewayDisconnect<T = any> {}

                                                    method handleDisconnect

                                                    handleDisconnect: (client: T) => any;

                                                      interface OnGatewayInit

                                                      interface OnGatewayInit<T = any> {}

                                                      method afterInit

                                                      afterInit: (server: T) => any;

                                                        interface ServerAndEventStreamsHost

                                                        interface ServerAndEventStreamsHost<T = any> {}

                                                        property connection

                                                        connection: Subject<any>;

                                                          property disconnect

                                                          disconnect: Subject<any>;

                                                            property init

                                                            init: ReplaySubject<T>;

                                                              property server

                                                              server: T;

                                                                interface WebSocketServerOptions

                                                                interface WebSocketServerOptions {}

                                                                property namespace

                                                                namespace: string;

                                                                  property port

                                                                  port: number;

                                                                    interface WsResponse

                                                                    interface WsResponse<T = any> {}

                                                                    property data

                                                                    data: T;

                                                                      property event

                                                                      event: string;

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