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npm i @ngtools/json-schema
yarn add @ngtools/json-schema
pnpm add @ngtools/json-schema


Schema validating and reading for configurations, similar to Angular CLI config.



function SchemaClassFactory

SchemaClassFactory: <T>(schema: Object) => SchemaClassFactoryReturn<T>;
  • Create a class from a JSON SCHEMA object. Instanciating that class with an object allows for extended behaviour. This is the base API to access the Configuration in the CLI.

    Parameter schema




interface SchemaClass

interface SchemaClass<JsonType> extends Object {}
  • The interface the SchemaClassFactory returned class implements.

method $$alias

$$alias: (source: string, destination: string) => boolean;

    method $$defined

    $$defined: (path: string) => boolean;

      method $$delete

      $$delete: (path: string) => void;

        method $$dispose

        $$dispose: () => void;

          method $$get

          $$get: (path: string) => any;

            method $$root

            $$root: () => JsonType;

              method $$schema

              $$schema: () => RootSchemaTreeNode;

                method $$serialize

                $$serialize: (mimetype?: string, ...args: any[]) => string;

                  method $$set

                  $$set: (path: string, value: any) => void;

                    method $$typeOf

                    $$typeOf: (path: string) => string;

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