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npm i @oclif/plugin-legacy
yarn add @oclif/plugin-legacy
pnpm add @oclif/plugin-legacy


converts older style plugins to be compatible with oclif



class PluginLegacy

class PluginLegacy extends Config.Plugin implements Config.IPlugin {}


    constructor(config: any, base: any);

      property base

      base: any;

        property commandIDs

        readonly commandIDs: string[];

          property config

          config: any;

            property moduleCommands

            readonly moduleCommands: any[];

              property moduleTopics

              readonly moduleTopics: any[];

                property topics

                readonly topics: any[];

                  method findCommand

                  findCommand: {
                  (id: string, opts: { must: true }): any;
                  (id: string, opts?: { must?: boolean }): any;

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