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npm i @octokit/core
yarn add @octokit/core
pnpm add @octokit/core


Extendable client for GitHub's REST & GraphQL APIs



class Octokit

class Octokit {}


    constructor(options?: OctokitOptions);

      property auth

      auth: (...args: unknown[]) => Promise<unknown>;

        property graphql

        graphql: any;

          property hook

          hook: HookCollection<Hooks>;

            property log

            log: {
            [key: string]: any;
            debug: (message: string, additionalInfo?: object) => any;
            info: (message: string, additionalInfo?: object) => any;
            warn: (message: string, additionalInfo?: object) => any;
            error: (message: string, additionalInfo?: object) => any;

              property plugins

              static plugins: OctokitPlugin[];

                property request

                request: any;

                  property VERSION

                  static VERSION: string;

                    method defaults

                    static defaults: <S extends Constructor<any>>(
                    this: S,
                    defaults: OctokitOptions | Function
                    ) => S;

                      method plugin

                      static plugin: <
                      S extends Constructor<any> & { plugins: any[] },
                      T extends OctokitPlugin[]
                      this: S,
                      ...newPlugins: T
                      ) => S & Constructor<UnionToIntersection<ReturnTypeOf<T>>>;
                      • Attach a plugin (or many) to your Octokit instance.

                        Example 1

                        const API = Octokit.plugin(plugin1, plugin2, plugin3, ...)

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