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npm i @polymer/gen-typescript-declarations
yarn add @polymer/gen-typescript-declarations
pnpm add @polymer/gen-typescript-declarations


Generate TypeScript type declarations for Polymer components.



function generateDeclarations

generateDeclarations: (
rootDir: string,
config: Config
) => Promise<Map<string, string>>;
  • Analyze all files in the given directory using Polymer Analyzer, and return TypeScript declaration document strings in a map keyed by relative path.


interface Config

interface Config {}
  • Configuration for declaration generation.

property addReferences

addReferences?: {
[filepath: string]: string[];
  • Additional files to insert as triple-slash reference statements. Given the map a: b[], a will get an additional reference statement for each file path in b. All paths are relative to the analysis root directory.

property autoImport

autoImport?: {
[modulePath: string]: string[];
  • A map from an ES module path (relative to the analysis root directory) to an array of identifiers exported by that module. If any of those identifiers are encountered in a generated typings file, an import for that identifier from the specified module will be inserted into the typings file.

property exclude

exclude?: string[];
  • The same as excludeFiles, for backwards compatibility. Will be removed in next major version.

property excludeFiles

excludeFiles?: string[];
  • Skip source files whose paths match any of these glob patterns. If undefined, defaults to excluding "index.html" and directories ending in "test" or "demo".

property excludeIdentifiers

excludeIdentifiers?: string[];
  • Do not emit any declarations for features that have any of these identifiers.

property googModules

googModules?: boolean;
  • If true, outputs declarations in 'goog:' modules instead of using simple ES modules. This is a temporary hack to account for how modules are resolved for TypeScript inside google3. This is probably not at all useful for anyone but the Polymer team.

property hideWarnings

hideWarnings?: boolean;
  • If true, does not log warnings detected when analyzing code, only diagnostics of Error severity.

property removeReferences

removeReferences?: string[];
  • Remove any triple-slash references to these files, specified as paths relative to the analysis root directory.

property renameTypes

renameTypes?: {
[name: string]: string;
  • Whenever a type with a name in this map is encountered, replace it with the given name. Note this only applies to named types found in places like function/method parameters and return types. It does not currently rename e.g. entire generated classes.

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