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npm i @semantic-ui-react/event-stack
yarn add @semantic-ui-react/event-stack
pnpm add @semantic-ui-react/event-stack


Issues mentioned in `README` should be solved by other approaches: - `.addEventListener()` is blazing fast and is not a real performance issue - to solve issues with ordering in case when regular DOM event propogation is not available consider to use thi



variable instance

const instance: EventStack;


    class EventStack

    class EventStack extends React.PureComponent<EventStackProps> {}
    • This component exposes the EventStack API as public and provides a declarative way to manage it.

    property defaultProps

    static defaultProps: { pool: string; target: string };

      property propTypes

      static propTypes: {
      name: PropTypes.Validator<string>;
      on: PropTypes.Validator<
      ((...args: any[]) => any) | ((...args: any[]) => any)[]
      pool: PropTypes.Requireable<string>;
      target: PropTypes.Requireable<Object>;

        method componentDidMount

        componentDidMount: () => void;

          method componentDidUpdate

          componentDidUpdate: (prevProps: EventStackProps) => void;

            method componentWillUnmount

            componentWillUnmount: () => void;

              method render

              render: () => null;

                method subscribe

                subscribe: (props: Readonly<EventStackProps>) => void;

                  method unsubscribe

                  unsubscribe: (props: Readonly<EventStackProps>) => void;

                    Type Aliases

                    type CallableEventListener

                    type CallableEventListener = EventListener & {
                    called?: boolean;

                      type EventListeners

                      type EventListeners = CallableEventListener[];

                        type GenericMap

                        type GenericMap<T> = Map<String, T>;

                          type InputEventListener

                          type InputEventListener = EventListener | EventListener[];

                            type InputTargetElement

                            type InputTargetElement =
                            | boolean
                            | string
                            | TargetElement
                            | React.RefObject<TargetElement>;

                              type Options

                              type Options = {
                              pool?: string;
                              target?: InputTargetElement;

                                type TargetElement

                                type TargetElement = Document | HTMLElement | Window;

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