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npm i @sentry/integrations
yarn add @sentry/integrations
pnpm add @sentry/integrations


Pluggable integrations that can be used to enhance JS SDKs



variable CaptureConsole

const CaptureConsole: any;
  • Send Console API calls as Sentry Events.


    Use captureConsoleIntegration() instead.

variable ContextLines

const ContextLines: any;
  • Collects source context lines around the lines of stackframes pointing to JS embedded in the current page's HTML.

    This integration DOES NOT work for stack frames pointing to JS files that are loaded by the browser. For frames pointing to files, context lines are added during ingestion and symbolication by attempting to download the JS files to the Sentry backend.

    Use this integration if you have inline JS code in HTML pages that can't be accessed by our backend (e.g. due to a login-protected page).


    Use contextLinesIntegration() instead.

variable Debug

const Debug: any;
  • Integration to debug sent Sentry events. This integration should not be used in production.


    Use debugIntegration() instead.

variable Dedupe

const Dedupe: IntegrationClass<any>;
  • Deduplication filter.


    Use dedupeIntegration() instead.

variable ExtraErrorData

const ExtraErrorData: any;
  • Extract additional data for from original exceptions.


    Use extraErrorDataIntegration() instead.

variable HttpClient

const HttpClient: any;
  • Create events for failed client side HTTP requests.


    Use httpClientIntegration() instead.

variable ReportingObserver

const ReportingObserver: any;
  • Reporting API integration - https://w3c.github.io/reporting/


    Use reportingObserverIntegration() instead.

variable RewriteFrames

const RewriteFrames: any;
  • Rewrite event frames paths.


    Use rewriteFramesIntegration() instead.

variable SessionTiming

const SessionTiming: IntegrationClass<any>;
  • This function adds duration since Sentry was initialized till the time event was sent.


    Use sessionTimingIntegration() instead.

variable Transaction

const Transaction: IntegrationClass<any>;
  • Add node transaction to the event.


    This integration will be removed in v8.


function captureConsoleIntegration

captureConsoleIntegration: (options?: CaptureConsoleOptions | undefined) => any;

    function contextLinesIntegration

    contextLinesIntegration: (options?: ContextLinesOptions | undefined) => any;

      function debugIntegration

      debugIntegration: (options?: DebugOptions | undefined) => any;

        function dedupeIntegration

        dedupeIntegration: () => any;

          function extraErrorDataIntegration

          extraErrorDataIntegration: (
          options?: Partial<ExtraErrorDataOptions> | undefined
          ) => any;

            function httpClientIntegration

            httpClientIntegration: (options?: Partial<HttpClientOptions> | undefined) => any;

              function reportingObserverIntegration

              reportingObserverIntegration: (
              options?: ReportingObserverOptions | undefined
              ) => any;

                function rewriteFramesIntegration

                rewriteFramesIntegration: (options?: RewriteFramesOptions | undefined) => any;

                  function sessionTimingIntegration

                  sessionTimingIntegration: () => any;


                    class Offline

                    class Offline implements Integration {}
                    • cache offline errors and send when connected


                      The offline integration has been deprecated in favor of the offline transport wrapper.



                    constructor(options?: { maxStoredEvents?: number });

                    property hub

                    hub?: Hub;
                    • the current hub instance

                    property id

                    static id: string;

                    property maxStoredEvents

                    maxStoredEvents: number;
                    • maximum number of events to store while offline

                    property name

                    readonly name: string;

                    property offlineEventStore

                    offlineEventStore: LocalForage;
                    • event cache

                    method setupOnce

                    setupOnce: (
                    addGlobalEventProcessor: (callback: EventProcessor) => void,
                    getCurrentHub: () => Hub
                    ) => void;

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