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npm i @storybook/addon-knobs
yarn add @storybook/addon-knobs
pnpm add @storybook/addon-knobs


Storybook addon for editing props



variable ADDON_ID

const ADDON_ID: string;

    variable CHANGE

    const CHANGE: string;

      variable CLICK

      const CLICK: string;

        variable PANEL_ID

        const PANEL_ID: string;

          variable PARAM_KEY

          const PARAM_KEY: string;

            variable RESET

            const RESET: string;

              variable SET

              const SET: string;

                variable SET_OPTIONS

                const SET_OPTIONS: string;


                  function array

                  array: (
                  name: string,
                  value: ArrayTypeKnobValue,
                  separator?: string,
                  groupId?: string
                  ) => string[];

                    function boolean

                    boolean: (name: string, value: boolean, groupId?: string) => boolean;

                      function button

                      button: (
                      name: string,
                      callback: ButtonTypeOnClickProp,
                      groupId?: string
                      ) => undefined;

                        function color

                        color: (name: string, value: string, groupId?: string) => string;

                          function date

                          date: (name: string, value?: Date, groupId?: string) => number;

                            function files

                            files: (
                            name: string,
                            accept: string,
                            value?: string[],
                            groupId?: string
                            ) => string[];

                              function knob

                              knob: <
                              T extends
                              | 'number'
                              | 'boolean'
                              | 'object'
                              | 'text'
                              | 'color'
                              | 'select'
                              | 'radios'
                              | 'array'
                              | 'date'
                              | 'button'
                              | 'files'
                              | 'options',
                              V = Mutable<Knob<T>['value']>
                              name: string,
                              options: Knob<T>
                              ) => V;

                                function number

                                number: (
                                name: string,
                                value: number,
                                options?: NumberTypeKnobOptions,
                                groupId?: string
                                ) => number;

                                  function object

                                  object: <T>(name: string, value: T, groupId?: string) => T;

                                    function optionsKnob

                                    optionsKnob: <T extends OptionsTypeKnobSingleValue>(
                                    name: string,
                                    valuesObj: OptionsTypeOptionsProp<T>,
                                    value: OptionsTypeKnobValue<T>,
                                    optionsObj: OptionsKnobOptions,
                                    groupId?: string
                                    ) => T;

                                      function radios

                                      radios: <T extends RadiosTypeKnobValue>(
                                      name: string,
                                      options: RadiosTypeOptionsProp<T>,
                                      value: T,
                                      groupId?: string
                                      ) => T;

                                        function select

                                        select: <T extends SelectTypeKnobValue>(
                                        name: string,
                                        options: SelectTypeOptionsProp<T>,
                                        value: T,
                                        groupId?: string
                                        ) => T;

                                          function text

                                          text: (name: string, value: string, groupId?: string) => string;

                                            function withKnobs

                                            withKnobs: (...args: any) => any;

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