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npm i @storybook/angular
yarn add @storybook/angular
pnpm add @storybook/angular


Storybook for Angular: Develop Angular components in isolation with hot reloading.



variable configure

const configure: (loader: Addon_Loadable, module: NodeModule) => void;

    variable forceReRender

    const forceReRender: () => void;

      variable raw

      const raw: () => any;

        variable storiesOf

        const storiesOf: any;


          function applicationConfig

          applicationConfig: <TArgs = any>(
          config: ApplicationConfig
          ) => DecoratorFunction<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;
          • Decorator to set the config options which are available during the application bootstrap operation

          function componentWrapperDecorator

          componentWrapperDecorator: <TArgs = any>(
          element: any,
          | ICollection
          | ((storyContext: StoryContext<AngularRenderer, TArgs>) => ICollection)
          ) => DecoratorFunction<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;

            function moduleMetadata

            moduleMetadata: <TArgs = any>(
            metadata: Partial<NgModuleMetadata>
            ) => DecoratorFunction<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;


              interface AngularOptions

              interface AngularOptions {}

                property enableIvy

                enableIvy?: boolean;

                  property enableNgcc

                  enableNgcc?: boolean;

                    interface AngularRenderer

                    interface AngularRenderer extends WebRenderer {}

                      property component

                      component: any;

                        property storyResult

                        storyResult: StoryFnAngularReturnType;

                          interface IStory

                          interface StoryFnAngularReturnType {}

                            property applicationConfig

                            applicationConfig?: ApplicationConfig;

                              property moduleMetadata

                              moduleMetadata?: NgModuleMetadata;

                                property props

                                props?: ICollection;

                                  property styles

                                  styles?: string[];

                                    property template

                                    template?: string;

                                      property userDefinedTemplate

                                      userDefinedTemplate?: boolean;

                                        Type Aliases

                                        type AngularParameters

                                        type Parameters = DefaultParameters & {
                                        bootstrapModuleOptions?: unknown;

                                          type Decorator

                                          type Decorator<TArgs = StrictArgs> = DecoratorFunction<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;

                                            type FrameworkOptions

                                            type FrameworkOptions = AngularOptions & {
                                            builder?: BuilderOptions;

                                              type Loader

                                              type Loader<TArgs = StrictArgs> = LoaderFunction<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;

                                                type Meta

                                                type Meta<TArgs = Args> = ComponentAnnotations<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;
                                                • Metadata to configure the stories for a component.

                                                  See Also

                                                  • [Default export](https://storybook.js.org/docs/formats/component-story-format/#default-export)

                                                type Preview

                                                type Preview = ProjectAnnotations<AngularRenderer>;

                                                  type Story

                                                  type Story<TArgs = Args> = StoryFn<TArgs>;
                                                  • See Also

                                                    • [Named Story exports](https://storybook.js.org/docs/formats/component-story-format/#named-story-exports)


                                                    Use StoryFn instead. Use StoryObj if you want to migrate to CSF3, which uses objects instead of functions to represent stories. You can read more about the CSF3 format here: https://storybook.js.org/blog/component-story-format-3-0/

                                                    Story function that represents a CSFv2 component example.

                                                  type StorybookConfig

                                                  type StorybookConfig = Omit<
                                                  keyof StorybookConfigWebpack | keyof StorybookConfigFramework
                                                  > &
                                                  StorybookConfigWebpack &
                                                  • The interface for Storybook configuration in main.ts files.

                                                  type StoryContext

                                                  type StoryContext<TArgs = StrictArgs> = GenericStoryContext<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;

                                                    type StoryFn

                                                    type StoryFn<TArgs = Args> = AnnotatedStoryFn<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;
                                                    • Story function that represents a CSFv2 component example.

                                                      See Also

                                                      • [Named Story exports](https://storybook.js.org/docs/formats/component-story-format/#named-story-exports)

                                                    type StoryObj

                                                    type StoryObj<TArgs = Args> = StoryAnnotations<AngularRenderer, TArgs>;
                                                    • Story function that represents a CSFv3 component example.

                                                      See Also

                                                      • [Named Story exports](https://storybook.js.org/docs/formats/component-story-format/#named-story-exports)

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