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npm i @storybook/cli
yarn add @storybook/cli
pnpm add @storybook/cli


Storybook's CLI - easiest method of adding storybook to your projects



function getPackageDetails

getPackageDetails: (pkg: string) => [string, string?];
  • Extract package name and version from input

    Parameter pkg

    A string like @storybook/cli, react or react@^16 A tuple of 2 elements: [packageName, packageVersion]

function readPackageJson

readPackageJson: () => PackageJson | false;

    function writePackageJson

    writePackageJson: (packageJson: PackageJson) => void;


      class JsPackageManager

      abstract class JsPackageManager {}

        property type

        abstract readonly type: 'npm' | 'yarn1' | 'yarn2';

          method addDependencies

          addDependencies: (
          options: {
          skipInstall?: boolean;
          installAsDevDependencies?: boolean;
          packageJson?: PackageJson;
          dependencies: string[]
          ) => void;
          • Add dependencies to a project using yarn add or npm install.

            Parameter options

            contains skipInstall, packageJson and installAsDevDependencies which we use to determine how we install packages.

            Parameter dependencies

            contains a list of packages to add.

            Example 1

            addDependencies(options, [ @storybook/react@${storybookVersion}, @storybook/addon-actions@${actionsVersion}, @storybook/addon-links@${linksVersion}, @storybook/addons@${addonsVersion}, ]);

          method addESLintConfig

          addESLintConfig: () => void;

            method addScripts

            addScripts: (scripts: Record<string, string>) => void;

              method addStorybookCommandInScripts

              addStorybookCommandInScripts: (options?: {
              port: number;
              staticFolder?: string;
              preCommand?: string;
              }) => void;

                method executeCommand

                executeCommand: (
                command: string,
                args: string[],
                stdio?: 'pipe' | 'inherit'
                ) => string;

                  method getRunCommand

                  abstract getRunCommand: (command: string) => string;

                    method getRunStorybookCommand

                    abstract getRunStorybookCommand: () => string;

                      method getVersion

                      getVersion: (packageName: string, constraint?: string) => Promise<string>;
                      • Return the latest version of the input package available on npmjs registry. If constraint are provided it return the latest version matching the constraints.

                        For @storybook/* packages the latest version is retrieved from cli/src/versions.json file directly

                        Parameter packageName

                        The name of the package

                        Parameter constraint

                        A valid semver constraint, example: '1.x || >=2.5.0 || 5.0.0 - 7.2.3'

                      method getVersionedPackages

                      getVersionedPackages: (...packages: string[]) => Promise<string[]>;
                      • Return an array of strings matching following format: <package_name>@<package_latest_version>

                        Parameter packages

                      method getVersions

                      getVersions: (...packageNames: string[]) => Promise<string[]>;
                      • Return an array of string standing for the latest version of the input packages. To be able to identify which version goes with which package the order of the input array is keep.

                        Parameter packageNames

                      method initPackageJson

                      abstract initPackageJson: () => void;

                        method installDependencies

                        installDependencies: () => void;
                        • Install dependencies listed in package.json

                        method latestVersion

                        latestVersion: (packageName: string, constraint?: string) => Promise<string>;
                        • Get the latest version of the package available on npmjs.com. If constraint is set then it returns a version satisfying it, otherwise the latest version available is returned.

                          Parameter packageName

                          Name of the package

                          Parameter constraint

                          Version range to use to constraint the returned version

                        method retrievePackageJson

                        retrievePackageJson: () => PackageJsonWithDepsAndDevDeps;
                        • Read the package.json file available in the directory the command was call from If there is no package.json it will create one.

                        method runAddDeps

                        protected abstract runAddDeps: (
                        dependencies: string[],
                        installAsDevDependencies: boolean
                        ) => void;

                          method runGetVersions

                          protected abstract runGetVersions: <T extends boolean>(
                          packageName: string,
                          fetchAllVersions: T
                          ) => Promise<T extends true ? string[] : string>;
                          • Get the latest or all versions of the input package available on npmjs.com

                            Parameter packageName

                            Name of the package

                            Parameter fetchAllVersions

                            Should return

                          method runInstall

                          protected abstract runInstall: () => void;

                            class JsPackageManagerFactory

                            class JsPackageManagerFactory {}

                              method getPackageManager

                              static getPackageManager: (forceNpmUsage?: boolean) => JsPackageManager;

                                Type Aliases

                                type PackageJson

                                type PackageJson = {
                                dependencies?: Record<string, string>;
                                devDependencies?: Record<string, string>;
                                peerDependencies?: Record<string, string>;
                                scripts?: Record<string, string>;
                                eslintConfig?: any;

                                  type PackageJsonWithDepsAndDevDeps

                                  type PackageJsonWithDepsAndDevDeps = PackageJson &
                                  Required<Pick<PackageJson, 'dependencies' | 'devDependencies'>>;

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                                    Dependencies (26)

                                    Dev Dependencies (9)

                                    Peer Dependencies (1)


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