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npm i @storybook/react
yarn add @storybook/react
pnpm add @storybook/react


Storybook for React: Develop React Component in isolation with Hot Reloading.



variable addDecorator

const addDecorator: any;

    variable addParameters

    const addParameters: any;

      variable configure

      const configure: (loader: any, module: any) => void;

        variable forceReRender

        const forceReRender: () => void;

          variable getStorybook

          const getStorybook: () => IStorybookSection[];

            variable raw

            const raw: () => any;

              variable setAddon

              const setAddon: (addon: any) => void;

                variable storiesOf

                const storiesOf: any;

                  Type Aliases

                  type ComponentMeta

                  type ComponentMeta<
                  T extends keyof JSX.IntrinsicElements | JSXElementConstructor<any>
                  > = Meta<ComponentProps<T>>;
                  • For the common case where a component's stories are simple components that receives args as props:

                    export default { ... } as ComponentMeta<typeof Button>;

                  type ComponentStory

                  type ComponentStory<
                  T extends keyof JSX.IntrinsicElements | JSXElementConstructor<any>
                  > = Story<ComponentProps<T>>;
                  • For the common case where a story is a simple component that receives args as props:

                    const Template: ComponentStory<typeof Button> = (args) => <Button {...args} />

                  type DecoratorFn

                  type DecoratorFn = Parameters<typeof addDecorator>[0];

                    type Meta

                    type Meta<Args = DefaultArgs> = BaseMeta<ReactComponent> &
                    Annotations<Args, ReactReturnType>;
                    • Metadata to configure the stories for a component.

                      See Also

                      • [Default export](https://storybook.js.org/docs/formats/component-story-format/#default-export)

                    type Story

                    type Story<Args = DefaultArgs> = BaseStory<Args, ReactReturnType> &
                    Annotations<Args, ReactReturnType>;
                    • Story function that represents a component example.

                      See Also

                      • [Named Story exports](https://storybook.js.org/docs/formats/component-story-format/#named-story-exports)

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