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npm i @svgr/core
yarn add @svgr/core
pnpm add @svgr/core


Transform SVG into React Components.




const DEFAULT_CONFIG: Config;

    variable loadConfig

    const loadConfig: {
    { configFile, ...baseConfig }: Config,
    state?: Pick<State, 'filePath'>
    ): Promise<Config>;
    { configFile, ...baseConfig }: Config,
    state?: Pick<State, 'filePath'>
    ): Config;

      variable resolveConfig

      const resolveConfig: {
      (searchFrom?: string, configFile?: string): Promise<Config | null>;
      sync(searchFrom?: string, configFile?: string): Config | null;

        variable resolveConfigFile

        const resolveConfigFile: {
        (filePath: string): Promise<string | null>;
        sync(filePath: string): string | null;

          variable transform

          const transform: {
          (code: string, config?: Config, state?: Partial<State>): Promise<string>;
          sync(code: string, config?: Config, state?: Partial<State>): string;


            interface Config

            interface Config {}

              property configFile

              configFile?: string;

                property descProp

                descProp?: boolean;

                  property dimensions

                  dimensions?: boolean;

                    property expandProps

                    expandProps?: boolean | 'start' | 'end';

                      property exportType

                      exportType?: 'named' | 'default';

                        property icon

                        icon?: boolean | string | number;

                          property index

                          index?: boolean;

                            property jsx

                            jsx?: {
                            babelConfig?: TransformOptions;

                              property jsxRuntime

                              jsxRuntime?: 'classic' | 'classic-preact' | 'automatic';

                                property memo

                                memo?: boolean;

                                  property namedExport

                                  namedExport?: string;

                                    property native

                                    native?: boolean;

                                      property plugins

                                      plugins?: ConfigPlugin[];

                                        property prettier

                                        prettier?: boolean;

                                          property prettierConfig

                                          prettierConfig?: Options;

                                            property ref

                                            ref?: boolean;

                                              property replaceAttrValues

                                              replaceAttrValues?: {
                                              [key: string]: string;

                                                property runtimeConfig

                                                runtimeConfig?: boolean;

                                                  property svgo

                                                  svgo?: boolean;

                                                    property svgoConfig

                                                    svgoConfig?: OptimizeOptions;

                                                      property svgProps

                                                      svgProps?: {
                                                      [key: string]: string;

                                                        property template

                                                        template?: Options$1['template'];

                                                          property titleProp

                                                          titleProp?: boolean;

                                                            property typescript

                                                            typescript?: boolean;

                                                              interface Plugin

                                                              interface Plugin {}

                                                                call signature

                                                                (code: string, config: Config, state: State): string;

                                                                  interface State

                                                                  interface State {}

                                                                    property caller

                                                                    caller?: {
                                                                    name?: string;
                                                                    previousExport?: string | null;
                                                                    defaultPlugins?: ConfigPlugin[];

                                                                      property componentName

                                                                      componentName: string;

                                                                        property filePath

                                                                        filePath?: string;

                                                                          Type Aliases

                                                                          type ConfigPlugin

                                                                          type ConfigPlugin = string | Plugin;

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