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npm i @tensorflow/tfjs-node
yarn add @tensorflow/tfjs-node
pnpm add @tensorflow/tfjs-node


This repository provides native TensorFlow execution in backend JavaScript applications under the Node.js runtime, accelerated by the TensorFlow C binary under the hood. It provides the same API as [TensorFlow.js](https://js.tensorflow.org/api/latest/).




variable io

const io: {
fileSystem: typeof nodeIo.fileSystem;
nodeHTTPRequest: typeof nodeIo.nodeHTTPRequest;
copyModel: any;
listModels: any;
moveModel: any;
removeModel: any;
browserFiles: any;
browserHTTPRequest: any;
CompositeArrayBuffer: any;
concatenateArrayBuffers: any;
decodeWeights: any;
decodeWeightsStream: any;
encodeWeights: any;
fromMemory: any;
fromMemorySync: any;
getLoadHandlers: (
url: string | string[],
loadOptions?: tf.io.LoadOptions
) => tf.io.IOHandler[];
getModelArtifactsForJSON: any;
getModelArtifactsForJSONSync: any;
getModelArtifactsInfoForJSON: any;
getSaveHandlers: (url: string | string[]) => tf.io.IOHandler[];
getWeightSpecs: any;
http: any;
isHTTPScheme: any;
loadWeights: any;
registerLoadRouter: (loudRouter: any) => void;
registerSaveRouter: (loudRouter: any) => void;
weightsLoaderFactory: any;
withSaveHandler: any;
withSaveHandlerSync: any;

    variable node

    const node: {
    decodeImage: typeof decodeImage;
    decodeBmp: typeof decodeBmp;
    decodeGif: typeof decodeGif;
    decodePng: typeof decodePng;
    decodeJpeg: typeof decodeJpeg;
    encodeJpeg: typeof encodeJpeg;
    encodePng: typeof encodePng;
    summaryFileWriter: typeof summaryFileWriter;
    tensorBoard: typeof tensorBoard;
    getMetaGraphsFromSavedModel: typeof getMetaGraphsFromSavedModel;
    getNumOfSavedModels: typeof getNumOfSavedModels;
    loadSavedModel: typeof loadSavedModel;

      variable version

      const version: {
      'tfjs-node': string;
      'tfjs-core': string;
      'tfjs-backend-cpu': string;
      'tfjs-backend-webgl': string;
      'tfjs-data': string;
      'tfjs-layers': string;
      'tfjs-converter': string;
      tfjs: string;

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