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npm i @types/angular-mocks
yarn add @types/angular-mocks
pnpm add @types/angular-mocks


TypeScript definitions for angular-mocks



namespace angular-mocks/ngAnimateMock

module 'angular-mocks/ngAnimateMock' {}

    namespace angular-mocks/ngMock

    module 'angular-mocks/ngMock' {}

      namespace angular-mocks/ngMockE2E

      module 'angular-mocks/ngMockE2E' {}

        namespace global

        namespace global {}

          variable inject

          const inject: angular.IInjectStatic;

            function browserTrigger

            browserTrigger: (
            element: JQuery | Element,
            eventType?: string,
            eventData?: angular.mock.IBrowserTriggerEventData
            ) => void;
            • This is a global (window) function that is only available when the ngMock module is included. It can be used to trigger a native browser event on an element, which is useful for unit testing.

              Parameter element

              Either a wrapped jQuery/jqLite node or a DOM element.

              Parameter eventType

              Optional event type. If none is specified, the function tries to determine the right event type for the element, e.g. change for input[text].

              Parameter eventData

              An optional object which contains additional event data used when creating the event.

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