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npm i @types/async-retry
yarn add @types/async-retry
pnpm add @types/async-retry


TypeScript definitions for async-retry




Type Aliases


function AsyncRetry

AsyncRetry: <TRet>(
fn: AsyncRetry.RetryFunction<TRet>,
opts?: AsyncRetry.Options
) => Promise<TRet>;
  • Retrying made simple, easy, and async.

    Example 1

    import retry = require('async-retry'); import fetch from 'node-fetch';

    await retry( async (bail) => { // if anything throws, we retry const res = await fetch('https://google.com');

    if (403 === res.status) { // don't retry upon 403 bail(new Error('Unauthorized')); return; }

    const data = await res.text(); return data.substr(0, 500); }, { retries: 5, } );


interface Options

interface Options extends WrapOptions {}

    property onRetry

    onRetry?: ((e: Error, attempt: number) => any) | undefined;
    • An optional function that is invoked after a new retry is performed. It's passed the Error that triggered it as a parameter.

    Type Aliases

    type RetryFunction

    type RetryFunction<TRet> = (
    bail: (e: Error) => void,
    attempt: number
    ) => TRet | Promise<TRet>;
    • Parameter bail

      A function you can invoke to abort the retrying (bail).

      Parameter attempt

      The attempt number. The absolute first attempt (before any retries) is 1.

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