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npm i @types/aws4
yarn add @types/aws4
pnpm add @types/aws4


TypeScript definitions for aws4



function sign

sign: (requestOptions: string | Request, credentials?: Credentials) => Request;
  • Calculates and populates any necessary AWS headers and/or request options on requestOptions. Returns requestOptions as a convenience for chaining.


class RequestSigner

class RequestSigner {}


    constructor(requestOptions: string | Request, credentials?: Credentials);

      property credentials

      credentials: Credentials;

        property datetime

        datetime?: string;

        property isCodeCommitGit

        isCodeCommitGit: boolean;

        property parsedPath

        parsedPath?: { path: string; query: Record<string, string | string[]> };

        property region

        region: string;

          property request

          request: Request;

            property service

            service: string;

              method authHeader

              authHeader: () => string;
              • Generate the Authorization header value.

              method canonicalHeaders

              canonicalHeaders: () => string;
              • Generate a string representation of request.headers: - one header per line, formatted as <key>:<value> - lines are sorted. - <key> is in lowercase and is trimmed. - <value> is trimmed, and contiguous whitespaces are reduced to a single space character .

                These headers are filtered out: - authorization - connection - x-amzn-trace-id - user-agent - expect - presigned-expires - range

              method canonicalString

              canonicalString: () => string;
              • Generate a string representation of the Request. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/sigv4-create-canonical-request.html

              method createHost

              createHost: () => string;

              method credentialString

              credentialString: () => string;
              • Generate the “credential scope” part of the signature.

              method defaultCredentials

              defaultCredentials: () => Credentials;
              • Extract credentials from the environment, if found.

              method formatPath

              formatPath: () => string;

              method getDate

              getDate: () => string;
              • If datetime is set, its first 8 characters are returned.

                Else, call getDateTime and return the first 8 characters.

              method getDateTime

              getDateTime: () => string;
              • If datetime is set, it is returned without further processing.

                Else, parse the Date header from request.headers, or get the current date, and format it as (ISO 8601):


                If isCodeCommitGit is true, then the trailing Z is removed.

                The result is stored to datetime before being returned.

              method isSingleRegion

              isSingleRegion: () => boolean;
              • https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/rande.html

              method matchHost

              matchHost: (host: string) => [string, string];
              • Extract the service code and region code from a Host name.


                two element string tuple with values [service, region].

              method parsePath

              parsePath: () => void;

              method prepareRequest

              prepareRequest: () => void;
              • Calls parsePath. Prepare the Request by setting the required headers, or query parameters if request.signQuery is true.

              method sign

              sign: () => Request;
              • Sign the Request. The Request is returned for convenience.

              method signature

              signature: () => string;
              • Compute the Request HMAC signature.

              method signedHeaders

              signedHeaders: () => string;
              • Generates a list of the header names of request.headers separated by ;.

                These headers are filtered out: - authorization - connection - x-amzn-trace-id - user-agent - expect - presigned-expires - range

              method stringToSign

              stringToSign: () => string;
              • Generate the raw data to be signed. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/sigv4-create-string-to-sign.html


              interface Credentials

              interface Credentials {}

                property accessKeyId

                accessKeyId?: string;
                • Equivalent to the env vars AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_ACCESS_KEY.

                property secretAccessKey

                secretAccessKey?: string;
                • Equivalent to the env vars AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY.

                property sessionToken

                sessionToken?: string;
                • Equivalent to the env var AWS_SESSION_TOKEN.

                interface Request

                interface Request extends RequestOptions {}

                  property body

                  body?: string | Buffer;
                  • Defaults to "".

                  property doNotEncodePath

                  doNotEncodePath?: boolean;
                  • If true, path won’t be encoded in the signature.

                  property doNotModifyHeaders

                  doNotModifyHeaders?: boolean;
                  • If true, signing the Request won’t mutate the headers.

                  property headers

                  headers?: OutgoingHttpHeaders;
                  • Some headers have a default value: - Host: Defaults to hostname, host, or RequestSigner.createHost() - Content-Type: defaults to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8" if there is a body - Date: used to calculate the signature date if given, defaults to new Date()

                  property host

                  host?: string;

                  property hostname

                  hostname?: string;

                  property method

                  method?: string;
                  • Defaults to "GET", or "POST" if there is a body.

                  property path

                  path?: string;
                  • Defaults to /.

                  property region

                  region?: string;

                  property service

                  service?: string;

                  property signQuery

                  signQuery?: boolean;
                  • To sign the query instead of adding an Authorization header, defaults to false.

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