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npm i @types/ckeditor__ckeditor5-adapter-ckfinder
yarn add @types/ckeditor__ckeditor5-adapter-ckfinder
pnpm add @types/ckeditor__ckeditor5-adapter-ckfinder


TypeScript definitions for @ckeditor/ckeditor5-adapter-ckfinder



class UploadAdapter

class CKFinderUploadAdapter extends Plugin {}
  • A plugin that enables file uploads in CKEditor 5 using the CKFinder server–side connector.

    See the to learn how to configure and use this feature as well as find out more about the full integration with the file manager provided by the plugin.

    Check out the to learn about other ways to upload images into CKEditor 5.

property pluginName

static readonly pluginName: string;

    property requires

    static readonly requires: [any];

      method init

      init: () => void;

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