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npm i @types/conventional-changelog
yarn add @types/conventional-changelog
pnpm add @types/conventional-changelog


TypeScript definitions for conventional-changelog



function conventionalChangelog

conventionalChangelog: <
TCommit extends Commit = Commit,
TContext extends WriterContext = Context
options?: Options<TCommit, TContext>,
context?: Partial<TContext>,
gitRawCommitsOpts?: GitRawCommitsOptions,
parserOpts?: ParserOptions,
writerOpts?: WriterOptions<TCommit, TContext>
) => Stream.Readable;
  • Returns a readable stream.

    Parameter options

    Parameter context

    Parameter gitRawCommitsOpts

    Parameter parserOpts

    Parameter writerOpts


interface Options

interface Options<
TCommit extends Commit = Commit,
TContext extends WriterContext = WriterContext
> extends BaseOptions<TCommit, TContext> {}
  • See the [conventional-changelog-core](https://github.com/conventional-changelog/conventional-changelog/tree/master/packages/conventional-changelog-core) docs. The API is the same with the following changes or additions:

property preset

preset?: string | undefined;
  • It's recommended to use a preset so you don't have to define everything yourself. Presets are names of built-in config.

    A scoped preset package such as @scope/conventional-changelog-custom-preset can be used by passing @scope/custom-preset to this option.


    options.config will be overwritten by the values of preset. You should use either preset or config, but not both.

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