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npm i @types/csso
yarn add @types/csso
pnpm add @types/csso


TypeScript definitions for csso



variable csso

const csso: Csso;


    interface CompressOptions

    interface CompressOptions {}

      property clone

      clone?: boolean | undefined;
      • Transform a copy of input AST if true. Useful in case of AST reuse. false

      property comments

      comments?: string | boolean | undefined;
      • Specify what comments to leave: - 'exclamation' or true – leave all exclamation comments - 'first-exclamation' – remove every comment except first one - false – remove all comments true

      property forceMediaMerge

      forceMediaMerge?: boolean | undefined;
      • Enables merging of rules with the same media query by splitted by other rules. The optimisation is unsafe in general, but should work fine in most cases. Use it on your own risk. false

      property logger

      logger?: (() => void) | undefined;
      • Function to track every step of transformation.

      property restructure

      restructure?: boolean | undefined;
      • Disable or enable a structure optimisations. true

      property usage

      usage?: Usage | undefined;
      • Usage data for advanced optimisations.

      interface MinifyOptions

      interface MinifyOptions {}

        property afterCompress

        afterCompress?: AfterCompressFn | AfterCompressFn[] | undefined;
        • Called right after compress() is run.

        property beforeCompress

        beforeCompress?: BeforeCompressFn | BeforeCompressFn[] | undefined;
        • Called right after parse is run.

        property debug

        debug?: boolean | undefined;
        • Output debug information to stderr. false

        property filename

        filename?: string | undefined;
        • Filename of input CSS, uses for source map generation. ''

        property restructure

        restructure?: boolean | undefined;

          property sourceMap

          sourceMap?: boolean | undefined;
          • Generate a source map when true. false

          interface Result

          interface Result {}

            property css

            css: string;
            • Resulting CSS.

            property map

            map: object | null;
            • Instance of SourceMapGenerator or null.

            interface Usage

            interface Usage {}

              property blacklist

              | {
              tags?: string[] | undefined;
              ids?: string[] | undefined;
              classes?: string[] | undefined;
              | undefined;

                property classes

                classes?: string[] | undefined;

                  property ids

                  ids?: string[] | undefined;

                    property scopes

                    scopes?: string[][] | undefined;

                      property tags

                      tags?: string[] | undefined;

                        Type Aliases

                        type AfterCompressFn

                        type AfterCompressFn = (compressResult: string, options: CompressOptions) => void;

                          type BeforeCompressFn

                          type BeforeCompressFn = (ast: object, options: CompressOptions) => void;

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