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npm i @types/download
yarn add @types/download
pnpm add @types/download


TypeScript definitions for download



function download

download: {
url: string,
destination?: string,
options?: download.DownloadOptions
): Promise<Buffer> & GotEmitter & Duplex;
(url: string, options?: download.DownloadOptions): any;
  • Download and extract files.

    Parameter url

    URL to download.

    Parameter destination

    Path to where your file will be written.

    Parameter options

    Same options as [got](https://github.com/sindresorhus/got#options) and [decompress](https://github.com/kevva/decompress#options) in addition to the ones from this package.

    Example 1

    import fs from 'fs'; import download = require('download');

    (async () => { await download('http://unicorn.com/foo.jpg', 'dist');

    fs.writeFileSync('dist/foo.jpg', await download('http://unicorn.com/foo.jpg'));


    await Promise.all([ 'unicorn.com/foo.jpg', 'cats.com/dancing.gif' ].map(url => download(url, 'dist'))); })();


interface DownloadOptions

interface DownloadOptions extends DecompressOptions, GotOptions<string | null> {}

    property extract

    extract?: boolean | undefined;
    • If set to true, try extracting the file using [decompress](https://github.com/kevva/decompress).


    property filename

    filename?: string | undefined;
    • Name of the saved file.

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