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npm i @types/empower
yarn add @types/empower
pnpm add @types/empower


TypeScript definitions for empower



function defaultOptions

defaultOptions: () => Required<Options>;
  • Returns default options object for empower function.

function empower

empower: typeof empower;
  • Enhances Power Assert feature to assert function/object.

    Parameter originalAssert

    An instance of standard assert function or any assert-like object to enhance.

    Parameter formatter

    A formatter function created by power-assert-formatter.

    Parameter options

    Configuration options. If not passed, default options will be used. Enhanced assert function/object.

Type Aliases

type Options

type Options = Omit<CoreOptions, 'modifyMessageBeforeAssert' | 'onError'> & {
* If truthy, modify message property of `AssertionError` on rethrow.
* @default false
modifyMessageOnRethrow?: boolean | undefined;
* If truthy, add `powerAssertContext` property to `AssertionError` on rethrow.
* @default false
saveContextOnRethrow?: boolean | undefined;

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