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npm i @types/express-jwt
yarn add @types/express-jwt
pnpm add @types/express-jwt


TypeScript definitions for express-jwt



function jwt

jwt: typeof jwt;


    class UnauthorizedError

    class UnauthorizedError extends Error {}


      constructor(code: ErrorCode, error: { message: string });

        property code

        code: ErrorCode;

          property inner

          inner: { message: string };

            property message

            message: string;

              property name

              name: string;

                property status

                status: number;


                  interface GetTokenCallback

                  interface GetTokenCallback {}

                    call signature

                    (req: express.Request): any;

                      interface IsRevokedCallback

                      interface IsRevokedCallback {}

                        call signature

                        req: express.Request,
                        payload: any,
                        done: (err: any, revoked?: boolean) => void
                        ): void;

                          interface Options

                          interface Options {}

                            property algorithms

                            algorithms: string[];

                            property credentialsRequired

                            credentialsRequired?: boolean | undefined;

                              property getToken

                              getToken?: GetTokenCallback | undefined;

                                property isRevoked

                                isRevoked?: IsRevokedCallback | undefined;

                                  property requestProperty

                                  requestProperty?: string | undefined;

                                    property secret

                                    secret: secretType | SecretCallback | SecretCallbackLong;

                                      property userProperty

                                      userProperty?: string | undefined;

                                        index signature

                                        [property: string]: any;

                                          interface RequestHandler

                                          interface RequestHandler extends express.RequestHandler {}

                                            property unless

                                            unless: typeof unless;

                                              interface SecretCallback

                                              interface SecretCallback {}

                                                call signature

                                                req: express.Request,
                                                payload: any,
                                                done: (err: any, secret?: secretType) => void
                                                ): void;

                                                  interface SecretCallbackLong

                                                  interface SecretCallbackLong {}

                                                    call signature

                                                    req: express.Request,
                                                    header: any,
                                                    payload: any,
                                                    done: (err: any, secret?: secretType) => void
                                                    ): void;

                                                      Type Aliases

                                                      type ErrorCode

                                                      type ErrorCode = LiteralUnion<
                                                      | 'revoked_token'
                                                      | 'invalid_token'
                                                      | 'credentials_bad_scheme'
                                                      | 'credentials_bad_format'
                                                      | 'credentials_required'

                                                        type LiteralUnion

                                                        type LiteralUnion<T extends U, U = string> = T | (U & Record<never, never>);

                                                          type secretType

                                                          type secretType = string | Buffer;


                                                            namespace global

                                                            namespace global {}

                                                              namespace global.Express

                                                              namespace global.Express {}

                                                                interface Request

                                                                interface Request {}

                                                                  property user

                                                                  user?: User | undefined;

                                                                    interface User

                                                                    interface User {}

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