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npm i @types/extract-text-webpack-plugin
yarn add @types/extract-text-webpack-plugin
pnpm add @types/extract-text-webpack-plugin


TypeScript definitions for extract-text-webpack-plugin



class ExtractTextPlugin

class ExtractTextPlugin extends Plugin {}
  • Use an ExtractTextPlugin instance and a loader returned by extract in concert to write files to disk instead of loading them into others. Usage example at https://github.com/webpack/extract-text-webpack-plugin#usage-example-with-css


constructor(options: string | ExtractTextPlugin.PluginOptions);
  • Create a plugin instance defining the extraction target file(s) for the files loaded by extract

property extract

static extract: (
loader: Loader | Loader[] | ExtractTextPlugin.LoaderOptions
) => Loader[];

property extract

extract: (
loader: Loader | Loader[] | ExtractTextPlugin.LoaderOptions
) => Loader[];


interface LoaderOptions

interface LoaderOptions {}

    property fallback

    fallback?: Loader | Loader[] | undefined;
    • the loader(s) that should be used when the css is not extracted (i.e. in an additional chunk when allChunks: false)

    property publicPath

    publicPath?: string | undefined;
    • override the publicPath setting for this loader

    property use

    use: Loader | Loader[];
    • the loader(s) that should be used for converting the resource to a css exporting module

    interface PluginOptions

    interface PluginOptions {}

      property allChunks

      allChunks?: boolean | undefined;
      • extract from all additional chunks too (by default it extracts only from the initial chunk(s))

      property disable

      disable?: boolean | undefined;
      • disables the plugin

      property filename

      filename: string;
      • the filename of the result file. May contain [name], [id] and [contenthash]

      property id

      id?: string | undefined;
      • Unique ident for this plugin instance. (For advanced usage only, by default automatically generated)

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