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npm i @types/fibers
yarn add @types/fibers
pnpm add @types/fibers


TypeScript definitions for fibers



variable Fiber

const Fiber: FiberConstructor;


    interface Fiber

    interface Fiber {}

      method reset

      reset: <T = any>() => T;
      • reset() will terminate a running Fiber and restore it to its original state, as if it had returned execution.

        This is accomplished by causing yield() to throw an exception, and any futher calls to yield() will also throw an exception. This continues until the fiber has completely unwound and returns.

        If the fiber returns a value it will be returned by reset().

        If the fiber is not running, reset() will have no effect.

      method run

      run: <T = any, R = any>(param?: T) => R;
      • run() will start execution of this Fiber, or if it is currently yielding, it will resume execution. If an argument is supplied, this argument will be passed to the fiber, either as the first parameter to the main function [if the fiber has not been started] or as the return value of yield() [if the fiber is currently yielding].

        This function will return either the parameter passed to yield(), or the returned value from the fiber's main function.

      method throwInto

      throwInto: (exception: Error) => void;
      • throwInto() will cause a currently yielding fiber's yield() call to throw instead of return gracefully. This can be useful for notifying a fiber that you are no longer interested in its task, and that it should give up.

        Note that if the fiber does not handle the exception it will continue to bubble up and throwInto() will throw the exception right back at you.

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