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npm i @types/firebase-token-generator
yarn add @types/firebase-token-generator
pnpm add @types/firebase-token-generator


TypeScript definitions for firebase-token-generator



namespace firebase-token-generator

module 'firebase-token-generator' {}

    class FirebaseTokenGenerator

    class FirebaseTokenGenerator {}


      constructor(secret: string);
      • Builds a new object that can generate Firebase authentication tokens.

        Parameter secret

        The secret for the Firebase being used (get yours from the Firebase Admin Console).

      method createToken

      createToken: (data: any, options?: TokenOptions) => string;
      • Creates a token that authenticates a client with arbitrary data "data", and the specified options.

        Parameter data

        JSON data that will be passed to the Firebase Rules API once a client authenticates. Unless the "admin" flag is set, it must contain a "uid" key, and if it does it must be a string of length 256 or less.

        Parameter options

        The developer-supplied options for this token. Supported options are: a) "expires" -- A timestamp (as a number of seconds since the epoch) denoting a time after which this token should no longer be valid. b) "notBefore" -- A timestamp (as a number of seconds since the epoch) denoting a time before which this token should be rejected by the server. c) "admin" -- Set to true to bypass all security rules (use this for your trusted servers). d) "debug" -- Set to true to enable debug mode (so you can see the results of Rules API operations) e) "simulate" -- (internal-only for now) Set to true to neuter all API operations (listens / puts will run security rules but not actually write or return data) f) "iat" -- (Number) (internal-only, for testing) Set the issued at time for the generated token {String} The authentication token

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