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npm i @types/get-value
yarn add @types/get-value
pnpm add @types/get-value


TypeScript definitions for get-value



function get

get: {
<T>(obj: T): T;
(obj: object, key: string | string[], options?: get.Options): any;


    interface Options

    interface Options {}

      property default

      default?: any;
      • The default value to return when get-value cannot result a value from the given object.

        default: undefined

      property isValid

      | (<K extends string>(key: K, object: Record<K, any>) => boolean)
      | undefined;
      • If defined, this function is called on each resolved value. Useful if you want to do .hasOwnProperty or Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable.

      property join

      join?: ((segs: string[]) => string) | undefined;
      • Customize how the object path is created when iterating over path segments.

        default: Array.join

      property joinChar

      joinChar?: string | undefined;
      • The character to use when re-joining the string to check for keys with dots in them (this is probably not needed when options.join is used). This can be a different value than the separator, since the separator can be a string or regex.

        default: "."

      property separator

      separator?: string | RegExp | undefined;
      • The separator to use for spliting the string. (this is probably not needed when options.split is used).

        default: "."

      property split

      split?: ((s: string) => string[]) | undefined;
      • Custom function to use for splitting the string into object path segments.

        default: String.split

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