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npm i @types/grunt
yarn add @types/grunt
pnpm add @types/grunt


TypeScript definitions for grunt



namespace grunt

module 'grunt' {}

    variable grunt

    var grunt: IGrunt;

      namespace minimatch

      namespace minimatch {}

      interface IMinimatchOptions

      interface IMinimatchOptions {}
      • A minimal matching utility options.

        This is the matching library used internally by npm. Eventually, it will replace the C binding in node-glob. It works by converting glob expressions into JavaScript RegExp objects.

      property debug

      debug?: boolean | undefined;
      • Dump a ton of stuff to stderr.

      property dot

      dot?: boolean | undefined;
      • Allow patterns to match filenames starting with a period, even if the pattern does not explicitly have a period in that spot.

      property flipNegate

      flipNegate?: boolean | undefined;
      • Returns from negate expressions the same as if they were not negated. (Ie, true on a hit, false on a miss.)

      property matchBase

      matchBase?: boolean | undefined;
      • If set, then patterns without slashes will be matched against the basename of the path if it contains slashes. For example, a?b would match the path /xyz/123/acb, but not /xyz/acb/123.

      property nobrace

      nobrace?: boolean | undefined;
      • Do not expand {a,b} and {1..3} brace sets.

      property nocase

      nocase?: boolean | undefined;
      • Perform a case-insensitive match.

      property nocomment

      nocomment?: boolean | undefined;
      • Suppress the behavior of treating # at the start of a pattern as a comment.

      property noext

      noext?: boolean | undefined;
      • Disable "extglob" style patterns like +(a|b).

      property noglobstar

      noglobstar?: boolean | undefined;
      • Disable ** matching against multiple folder names.

      property nonegate

      nonegate?: boolean | undefined;
      • Suppress the behavior of treating a leading ! character as negation.

      property nonull

      nonull?: boolean | undefined;
      • When a match is not found by minimatch.match, return a list containing the pattern itself. When set, an empty list is returned if there are no matches.

      namespace node

      namespace node {}

        interface NodePackage

        interface NodePackage {}

        property description

        description?: string | undefined;

          property homepage

          homepage?: string | undefined;

            property keywords

            keywords?: string[] | undefined;

              property name

              name: string;

                property version

                version: string;

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