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npm i @types/gulp
yarn add @types/gulp
pnpm add @types/gulp


TypeScript definitions for gulp



variable GulpClient

const GulpClient: GulpClient.Gulp;


    interface Gulp

    interface Gulp extends Undertaker {}

      property dest

      dest: DestMethod;
      • Can be piped to and it will write files. Re-emits all data passed to it so you can pipe to multiple folders. Folders that don't exist will be created.

        Parameter path

        The path (output folder) to write files to. Or a function that returns it, the function will be provided a vinyl File instance.

      property src

      src: SrcMethod;
      • Emits files matching provided glob or array of globs. Returns a stream of Vinyl files that can be piped to plugins.

        Parameter globs

        Glob or array of globs to read.

        Parameter options

        Options to pass to node-glob through glob-stream.

      symlink: typeof vfs.symlink;
      • Functions exactly like gulp.dest, but will create symlinks instead of copying a directory.

        Parameter folder

        A folder path or a function that receives in a file and returns a folder path.

      property watch

      watch: WatchMethod;
      • Takes a path string, an array of path strings, a glob string or an array of glob strings as globs to watch on the filesystem. Also optionally takes options to configure the watcher and a fn to execute when a file changes.

        Parameter globs

        A path string, an array of path strings, a glob string or an array of glob strings that indicate which files to watch for changes.

        Parameter opts

        Options that are passed to chokidar.

        Parameter fn

        Once async completion is signalled, if another run is queued, it will be executed.

      interface WatchMethod

      interface WatchMethod {}

        call signature

        (globs: Globs, fn?: Undertaker.TaskFunction): fs.FSWatcher;

          call signature

          (globs: Globs, opts?: WatchOptions, fn?: Undertaker.TaskFunction): fs.FSWatcher;

            interface WatchOptions

            interface WatchOptions extends chokidar.WatchOptions {}

              property delay

              delay?: number | undefined;
              • The delay to wait before triggering the fn. Useful for waiting on many changes before doing the work on changed files, e.g. find-and-replace on many files. 200

              property events

              events?: string | string[];
              • An event name or array of event names to listen for. Useful if you only need to watch specific events.

                Example 1

                gulp.watch is imported from glob-watcher (see https://github.com/gulpjs/gulp/blob/v4.0.2/index.js lines 6, 28 and 48) gulp use glob-watcher@^5.0.3 (see https://github.com/gulpjs/gulp/blob/v4.0.2/package.json#L33) glob-watcher declare publicly options.events (see https://github.com/gulpjs/glob-watcher/blob/v5.0.3/README.md?plain=1#L101) ['add','change','unlink']

              property queue

              queue?: boolean | undefined;
              • Whether or not a file change should queue the fn execution if the fn is already running. Useful for a long running fn. true

              Type Aliases

              type DestMethod

              type DestMethod = typeof vfs.dest;

                type Globs

                type Globs = string | string[];

                  type SrcMethod

                  type SrcMethod = typeof vfs.src;

                    type TaskCallback

                    type TaskCallback = TaskFunction;
                    • Deprecated

                      - Now use TaskFunction.

                    type TaskFunction

                    type TaskFunction = Undertaker.TaskFunction;

                      type TaskFunctionCallback

                      type TaskFunctionCallback = Undertaker.TaskCallback;

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