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npm i @types/hoek
yarn add @types/hoek
pnpm add @types/hoek


TypeScript definitions for hoek



function abort

abort: (message: string | Error) => void;
  • Throw if process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test'. Else display most recent stack and exit process.

function applyToDefaults

applyToDefaults: <T1, T2>(
defaults: T1,
options: T2,
isNullOverride?: boolean
) => T1 & T2;
  • Apply options to a copy of the defaults.

function applyToDefaultsWithShallow

applyToDefaultsWithShallow: <T1, T2>(
defaults: T1,
options: T2,
keys?: string[]
) => T1 & T2;
  • Apply options to a copy of the defaults.

function assert

assert: (condition: boolean, message: string | Error) => void | Error;
  • Print message or throw error if condition fails.

function base64urlDecode

base64urlDecode: (value: string) => string;
  • Decode string into Base64 or URL encoding.

function base64urlEncode

base64urlEncode: (value: string) => string;
  • Encode value of string or buffer type in Base64 or URL encoding.

function callStack

callStack: (slice?: any) => any[];
  • Return a trace stack array.

function clone

clone: <T>(obj: T) => T;
  • Clone an object or an array.

function cloneWithShallow

cloneWithShallow: (obj: any, keys: string[]) => any;
  • Clone an object or array.

function contain

contain: (ref: any, values: any, options?: ContainOptions) => boolean;
  • Test if the reference value contains the provided values.

function deepEqual

deepEqual: <T>(b: T, a: T, options?: any) => T;
  • Perform a deep comparison of the two values.

function displayStack

displayStack: (slice?: any) => string[];
  • Display the trace stack.

function escapeHeaderAttribute

escapeHeaderAttribute: (attribute: string) => string;
  • Escape attribute value for use in HTTP header.

function escapeHtml

escapeHtml: (htmlString: string) => string;
  • Escape html characters.

function escapeRegex

escapeRegex: (regexString: string) => string;
  • Escape string for Regex construction.

function flatten

flatten: (array: any[], target?: any[]) => any[];
  • Flatten an array.

function ignore

ignore: () => void;
  • A simple no-op function.

function intersect

intersect: (array1: any[], array2: any[]) => any;
  • Find the common unique items in two arrays.

function isInteger

isInteger: (value: any) => boolean;
  • Check value to see if it is an integer.

function mapToObject

mapToObject: (array: any[], key?: string) => any;
  • Convert an Array into an Object.

function merge

merge: <T1, T2>(
target: T1,
source: T2,
isNullOverride?: boolean,
isMergeArrays?: boolean
) => T1 & T2;
  • Merge all the properties of source into target.

function nextTick

nextTick: (fn: () => void) => () => void;
  • Wrap fn in process.nextTick.

function once

once: (fn: () => void) => () => void;
  • Make sure fn is only run once.

function reach

reach: (obj: any, chain: any, options?: ReachOptions) => any;
  • Convert an object key chain string to reference.

function reachTemplate

reachTemplate: (obj: any, template: string, options?: ReachOptions) => any;
  • Replace string parameters ({name}) with their corresponding object key values.

function shallow

shallow: (obj: any) => any;
  • Perform a shallow copy by copying the references of all the top level children.

function stringify

stringify: (obj: any) => string;
  • Convert an object to string. Any errors are caught and reported back in the form of the returned string.

function transform

transform: (obj: any, transform: any, options?: ReachOptions) => any;
  • Transform an existing object into a new one based on the supplied obj and transform map.

function unique

unique: <T>(array: T[], key?: string) => T[];
  • Remove duplicate items from Array.

function uniqueFilename

uniqueFilename: (path: string, extension?: string) => string;
  • path to prepend to a randomly generated file name.


class Bench

class Bench {}
  • Same as Timer, except ts stores the internal node clock.

property ts

ts: number;
  • The number of milliseconds on the node clock elapsed since the epoch.

method elapsed

elapsed: () => number;
  • The time (ms) elapsed since the timer was created.

class Timer

class Timer {}
  • A Timer object.

property ts

ts: number;
  • The number of milliseconds elapsed since the epoch.

method elapsed

elapsed: () => number;
  • The time (ms) elapsed since the timer was created.


interface ContainOptions

interface ContainOptions {}

    property deep

    deep?: boolean | undefined;
    • Perform a deep comparison of the values?

    property once

    once?: boolean | undefined;
    • Allow only one occurrence of each value?

    property only

    only?: boolean | undefined;
    • Don't allow values not explicitly listed?

    property part

    part?: boolean | undefined;
    • Allow partial match of the values?

    interface ReachOptions

    interface ReachOptions {}

      property default

      default?: any;
      • Value to return if the path or value is not present. Default is undefined.

      property functions

      functions?: boolean | undefined;
      • Allow traversing functions for properties?

      property separator

      separator?: string | undefined;
      • String to split chain path on. Defaults to ".".

      property strict

      strict?: boolean | undefined;
      • Throw an error on missing member? Default is false.

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